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Keyword ranking is one of the best practise aspect in bloggers everyday life most especially when it comes to be having the tough and the weak competitors.

In most cases, on my previous articles i have discussed so much about ranking your keyword before your competitor and you can rank any keyword (be it hard, easy or steady keyword difficulty) before your competitor but here, we will discuss briefly about the “easy to rank on google search engine first page” before your tough competitors.

How To Rank Tough Keywords On Google Search Engine First Page

From a brief point from the ultimate keyword ranking wizard, here i will show you the quick and easiest way you can easily rank any tough and difficult keywords before the tough competitors but note that is just a brief and if you really need the full content, i recommend you get the Ukraw Ebook.

Sometimes i just feel so sorry to those who dont really know the right way to blog because in general, newbies or beginners makes some hectic seo mistake which they dont know or are not aware off. Well i believed you came to the right place and found me here so lets head over to the Brief about ranking a tough keyword before your competitors.

How Can We Do That?

* Make sure that you have fully understand the beginning step which are mentioned below.

i) You must own a blog

ii) You must have a particular niched or if you can focus on general niched then thats ok and good to go

iii) Incase you choose to talked about a particular niched thats your domain must be what you are to blog about like for instance, which should talk more about health relted niched only and dont be like those who will use it to discussed about football, seo all in the name of gathering traffic – “Be What You Want To Be, Dont Follow The Lead, Let It Follow You”, thats one of my quote for people like you and me.

iv) You must post daily: Take your blog like a job because it is going to be important to you when you start seeing the income on it. Be the type that post potential evergreen content that will as well brings in a revist member or visitor.

v) Make sure that your content talks much more about what your title is all about as the saying goes that “Content is King”.

Those are the primary practise to seo which you must know and practise very well at first then lets go down to the next point.

* Link Building: Always be the lovers of building links to your blog and not just doing link building anyhow but doing it in a smart way by getting link from a higher and reputable blog that can pass in link juices to your blog and also has more domain authority and page rank or page authority than yours

Lets take for instance, if my domain is, having DA 26 and PA 32, for me to do a smart and a better link building which will turn out to be the best for me, i will head over doing link building from a blog having DA 40+ PA 45+ and for me doing it in this way will bring a good and meaningful result to my blog.

What Time Is Best Doing Link Building

See i will not like telling you everything about link building here because i have once given out my success story about link building so if you need to know much about them, i urge you to subscribed on this blog mailing list so as i can send them to you instantly.

* Keyword Research: This is the main part which we want to discussed about. Though they are some kind of questions which people has been asking about, questions like:

* How To Find A Long Tail And Short Keyword

* Short Tail Keyword Vs Long Tail Keyword What Are They All About?

* How Do I Write A Long Tail Keyword Or Short Tail Keyword?

* How To Rank A Long Tail Keyword Or Short Tail Keyword?

Those are some kinda be an interesting questions and difficult to find the solution by you right? well am still around in the conner of this blog but for you to get the tricks to the above question before anybody, then subscribed to our mailing list, though is free.

What Is Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process whereby making a research about a particular keywords to know the volume search by visitors, competitors, keyword difficulties and the total click per cost (cpc) which you can earn from if you get a click from that keyword.

Top 8 Best Free Keyword Ranking And Research Tools In 2018 – (Most Use)

Below are my list of the free keyword research tools in 2018 but before the list, let me briefly give a distinguished between why using free one than the paid one instead i need to put it in this way saying, “Difference Between Free Keyword Research Tools Vs Paid Keyword Research Tools Which Is Best And Accurate”.

I know you would have been asking about this questions but you got no answer right? now here comes the reason why the free ones should be consider before using the paid one – check the differentiation below.

Free Keyword Research Tool

* In case you have no money, it is OK for you to use it for free

* Their result are accurate like the paid ones

Paid Keyword Research Tool

* They either charged monthly or yearly

* The free one has limited trial days

* Their result are accurate and complete in records than the free one

* They give live support because of the premium membership

Those are my reason and differences between both of them but however, below are the top best free seo keyword research tools in 2018:

* Semrush

* Kwfinder

* Google keyword planner

* Seo Squirrly

* AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

* Google Trend

* Keyword Shitter

* Wordtrack Scout

I believed with the list above you can now use free keyword tools faster and easily all for free

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