10 Mistakes you are making while designing business letterheads

10 Mistakes you are making while designing business letterheads

Letterheads are highly useful for a business entity. These are used for effectively communicating vital information to the other parties. It is really important to design an error-free business letterhead. The reason is that through the letterhead you are presenting a reflection of your organization. But the main concern is that a lot of people make mistakes while designing letterheads. It may be the same case with you as well. Here you will get an idea about the letterhead design blunders and by getting the necessary knowledge you can surely avoid such mistakes.

Here are the mistakes people do while designing letterheads –

1. Cheap quality paper

Many people are just focused on saving costs. Due to this reason they use low quality paper for the letterheads. Don’t commit this mistake because it will create a really poor impression on the receiving party. A cheap quality letterhead will look tacky and the overall image of the organization would be spoiled.

2. Excess use of colors

Creativity is a good thing but using too many colors for the letterhead can make it look unprofessional. There is no harm in trying different color themes, but the overall layout should not look unappealing. Too much color usage can make the letterhead a real blunder. So, use a decent combination of colors while designing the letterhead.

3. Inappropriate font style

Don’t go for such a font style that is highly difficult to comprehend. There are many stylish font styles in the present times but it is not necessary that they would be easy to read. So, for having an influential as well as effective letterhead it is important to choose the right kind of font style. You can even try different font styles in the same letterhead but the overall presentation must not look awkward.

4. Skipping vital information

A letterhead should include the vital details about the business like organization’s name, registration number, address, email id, phone number, fax number etc. A business letterhead is like a conversational tool and if you are skipping the important information then it is surely a lagging aspect. So, always include the vital information in a letterhead.

5. Overstuffing the letterhead

There is a difference between providing vital information and overstuffing the letterhead with unnecessary details. You should cut down all the irrelevant information because there is no point in making the letterhead overcrowded. Basic and crucial details are necessary but unneeded information should be skipped without any doubt.

6. Different kinds of images

It is a good idea to use business logo on the letterhead but too many images in a single go can create a big blunder. The layout should not look confusing and out of context. Even if you want to use certain images then make sure that they blend really well with the overall background of the letterhead. Inappropriate and unneeded images can distort the overall appearance of an otherwise suitable letterhead.

7. Providing no scope for flexibility

Nowadays letterheads are not just physical in the form of paper but these are also used for digital circulation. You may have finalized a design that may look good on paper but may fail as far as the digital parameters are concerned. So, it is really important that the letterhead you are designing can be used for all sorts of platforms. Be ready to choose flexible designs that can meet the present day requirements.

8. Declining professional guidance

Sometimes you may feel that you know every aspect about letterhead designing. But in reality when you will design a letterhead then you may face a lot of challenges. There are many templates and designs available on the internet, but when it comes to the question of customized kind of letterhead design then such an option may fail to help you. Professional guidance can do wonders for creating an outstanding letterhead and for that you just need to get in touch with an expert.

So, here you have come to know about the major mistakes that you might be committing while designing letterheads. If you don’t want to spend huge budget, you can get amazing letterheads designs via some online tools too. They are free and come up with hundreds of default templates that make the whole process so smooth and quick. Additionally, by following the advice shared here you can easily correct the flaws in the existing letterhead design and it is guaranteed that the new design will be a perfect one. Thus, opt for the changes as soon as possible and get professional looking letterheads for your organization.

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