10 outdated digital marketing trends

10 Out Dated Digital Marketing Trends

Blindly follow the things are happened all around us and same thing is happening in the case of digital marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platform can be a vital expect for both SEO strategist and business owner. But why to having taste of only social media platform? There are many people still concentrate on the outdated digital marketing trends. Either Google or Moz everywhere we can see a changing habilitation in the algorithm as per the current market requirements.

Let’s talk about most common SEO mistakesand old digital marketing trends you should avoid if you want to uplift your business.

1.Having Specialized Marketing & Digital Marketing Team:  The company should elect team specialized on marketing & Digital Marketing. If obsolete strategy is not maintained the company will fail to achieve the advantages of online marketing like search engine optimization, social media marketing.

  1. 2. Aiming Clicks Instead of Conversion Rate: In online marketing have to view the analytics how much profit we achieved through it. Instead of that many companies focusing on clicks by keeping high click through rate it was not all benefit if conversion rate has not increased by online marketing.

3.Quantity content than Quality Content: Content plays a key role in increasing page rank of your website.  Plagiarized content & low content leads to fall of your site visitors and causes to punish by Google. Content added in the website has to add some value to our product or services to attract customers to visit of their site. People usually avoid content marketing trendsfor boosting the business.

  1. Black Hat SEO:Black hat SEO will not lead your website to top ranking .It was a trick played in past by agencies to sudden raise of page viewers. Google will block the website if it was found using Black hat SEO for marketing.
  2. Purchasing Email List:The Company should build an email list gradually of their leads which is going to turn as leads. Instead of buying bulk emails and date is a waste of money & hard work. Online marketing tells you a clear view of targeting audience looking for your business.
  3. E-Books: Now a day people are receiving a lot of content through social media ads, videos, blogs, and images. Usage of online is 70 % through android mobiles, so it’s out dated following online books and heavy text stories.
  4. Focusing only on Keywords: Keywords helps to increase page ranking. Yes we can agree it but without having quality content how can we expect a result with keywords. It was an out dated formula of writing content based on only keywords without proper subject.
  5. Social Media Platforms: Social Media Platform is an easy way to reach your costumers very quickly. Targeting all social media platforms will not lead to an effective results .choose a limited social media platform to interact with audience regularly and knowing the trends of the market.
  6. Fake Reviews: Using a paid reviews & Making a false reviews is a waste of time in current trend. Genuine feedback like videos, live images may bring more value to our company. If Google founds such criminal activities it may lead to permanent ban of your website.
  7. Pop up Banner ads: Narrating the concept through image is good way but now people are not interest to view pop up images. It will distract the interest of costumer and increase the bounce rate of your website. Pop up ads are being blocked by the viewers and being report to Google.

A normal digital marketing fresher focus on the above mentioned thing but I meant they should not only depend on these kinds ofoutdated digital marketing trends. Digital marketing strategist is always a person habitual to be flowed in the flow of the changes as per trends.

I Preeti Mishra,having done with my MCA, is currently Founder of www.taazatadka.com. Besides, I’m a foodie, content writer, motivator and political analyst.

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