5 Cities That Are Making the World a Vegan Friendly-Place

5 Cities That Are Making the World a Vegan Friendly-Place

An amazing travel experience needs to have alluring landscapes, efficient transportation options, exciting attractions, and most importantly delicious cuisines as food is something which has always been an important factor in the travel itinerary. But, if you are a vegan, you probably already know how difficult it is to accommodate your special dietary needs. Veganism is still a relatively new concept, wherein vegans get limited food options. So, here we have compiled a list of 5 vegan-friendly cities from around the world so that you can eat well even on holiday. These 5 best destinations for vegan travelers are making this world a better place for the innocent animals, our environment, and of course the human health. Read on!

Place: Singapore
Where you should go: Fortune Centre, Famed Genesis Restaurant, Brownice, Smoocht, and VegCafe.
What you should try:  Vegan ice cream, fluffy waffles, brownies, Nonya Laksa, and Mee Pok.

Did you know that the Singapore Changi Airport has more options for a vegan than any other major cities in the world? Yes, Singapore is one of the most veg-friendly cities we have, and you can never possibly be far from vegan options in this clean, gorgeous city.

Place: Bangalore
Where you should go: Paradigm Shift, Carrots, The Park, Alila, and The Glass House.
What you should try: Vegan Shake, south Indian meal

Did you know PETA has named Bengaluru as India’s most vegan-friendly city? If were not aware of this fact, then it is time that you explore this place and gorge on the delicacies that the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ has to offer you. Now with hotels in Bengaluru, plan a trip soon.

Place: Berlin
Where you should go: La Stella Nera, Vöner der Vegetarische Döner, Chaostheorie,  Lucky Leek, and Kopps
What you should try: stellar pizzas, and döner kebab

You may know Berlin for its stunning beer gardens, but recently this city has emerged as an international vegan mecca. With more than 55 fully vegan and 320 veg-friendly restaurants, Berlin should be on your itinerary this holiday.

Place: London
Where you should go:  Vegan Hippo, PickyWops, Fed By Water,  The Temple of Hackney, and Itadaki Zen Japanese

What you should try: Vegan jackfruit burger, vegan cupcakes, deli, and cookies.
London is where you will find vegan-friendly stalls, cafes, bakeries, and smoothie bars. With more than 79 vegan restaurants, you can never remain hungry in this incredible city. Also, according to a survey conducted last year by the Vegan Society, there are more than 542,000 people following the vegan diet in Great Britain, out of which around 120,000 live in London.

Place: Chennai
Where you should go: ITC Grand Chola Hotel
What you should try: Royal Vega

We all know veganism is something which is new in the West but a meat-free lifestyle has always been ingrained in the Indian culture. So, for a delicious meal head to Chennai and try the South Indian cuisine which generally uses rice, pulses, and coconut milk.

These 5 best destinations for vegan travelers should be on your itinerary while planning your next holiday. Till we meet again, happy travels!


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