5 Easy Tips to Fix Saggy Roof Quickly

5 Easy Tips to Fix Saggy Roof Quickly

Sagging headliner is a common problem in old cars. Even if the car owners don’t offer proper care and cleaning, the headliner of a new vehicle may start sagging due to any reason. For the people who don’t know what a headliner is, it is the fabric attached to the inside of the ceiling of your car. Also, known as roof liner, it needs cleaning and maintenance as other parts of a vehicle.

A sagging headliner can be a nightmare while traveling in your car and it can be more annoying when a friend points out the same. However, you can fix a sagging headliner quickly by following these easy tips at home.

The actual reason for a sagging headliner is the deterioration of the glue that keeps the fabric in place. The adhesive may deteriorate due to any reason such as excessive heat from the roof or inside moisture due to weather conditions.

Fixing the edges without removing the fabric



Mostly the headliner of a car starts sagging at the sides of the ceiling. Buy a headliner spray adhesive from the market, and you can use it to fix the sagging fabric on the sides of the ceiling. You can set the headliner fabric in two ways.

Remove the headliner fabric from the ceiling to apply the adhesive or use it only on the sagging edges without removing it from the ceiling. The easy way is to pull the sagging fabric slightly on the sides and spray the adhesive between the fabric and foam underneath. Then press the fabric gently on the foam folding inside on the edges.

Removing the headliner to fix it with glue



The other way involves removing the complete headliner. In order to remove the fabric, first you need to remove the accessories attached to the ceiling such as sunshades, support handles, cabin lights, and speakers. Unscrew the fixtures and detach them to remove the headliner fabric entirely. It is better to remove the headliner with the foam.

After removing the foam and fabric, put it on a flat surface or table. Now, if you see the fabric sagging from many areas such as edges as well as from the center, remove the entire fabric from the foam. Use a sharp knife or sandpaper to scrub the dried adhesive and clean it with a microfiber cloth. After scrubbing and cleaning the dried glue, spray the new adhesive on the fabric so that it spreads uniformly on the liner.

Put the liner on the foam and press it gently so that it sticks to the foam. Let it dry and clean it with a microfiber cloth. Then fix it on the ceiling of your car in the same way as you removed it.

Using a double tape

If the roof lining fabric is sagging only near the edges or near an accessory like rear view mirror or sunshade, you can use a double sided tape to fix it quickly. The adhesive on the double sided tape is strong enough to hold the roof liner fabric in its place. However, this method is not recommended for large areas. It works only for tiny sagging areas like edges that are not more than an inch in size. The double-sided tape can support small spaces, but the large areas may fall due to their weight.

Use sequin pins or saggy stoppers



Using the pins is an easy and effective method to stop a sagging headliner from falling or sagging more. Buy some sequin pins of saggy stoppers from the market and use them on the saggy areas of your roof lining. They penetrate the fabric without damaging it and enter the foam to keep it fixed in the place. The pins also support the material and prevent it from falling in the car. Using pins is a temporary method until you get it repaired. However, re-gluing is the one of the most effective methods to fix a headliner.

Consult a professional

If the roof lining of your car is sagging from multiple areas, you should contact a professional to get it fixed. The professional headliner repair agencies have the expertise and necessary tools required to do the job perfectly. If you live in Australia in or around Brisbane, you can search online for the mobile roof lining Brisbane to find a list of professionals. The professionals charge you more than the DIY techniques, but they can fix you headliner correctly so that you don’t need to repair it again for years.

Final Note

Headliners often start sagging in the old cars. Car owners can fix it themselves in case the roof liner is declining from the edges or minor areas. However, for large sagging areas contacting a professional is the best you can do for your car. It is necessary to clean the headliner as you clean the interior of your vehicle. Mobile Roof Linings Brisbane can fix your saggy hood lining in 1 hour at the comfort of your own home or workplace in Brisbane, Ipswich & Gold Coast.



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