5 Mysterious Days in Africa

When you talk about Africa we talk about different types of mysterious islands and places which can make anyone go crazy because of their look and appearance. I and my friends love adventures, we have been to so many places and have faced so many mysterious situations all along. This is the best type of catharsis one can do for getting rid of all the tension and the anxiety. For all the adventure lovers the best sort of adventures could be done in Africa as this is a pure continent which has all the preserved adventures as a gift from nature. Doesn’t matter if you are interested in the Morocco Mysterious camping Place or you want to dive in the snake islands of Nigeria in your Morocco Holidays. Africa has the capability of providing you all of these fun activities, this is the reason why we all decided to select Africa though we have been to Australia still now we decided to have the mesmerizing adventure in the valleys and forests of North Africa, covering all the genres in adventure on this continent.

We select our destination on the basis of their adventurous and mysterious nature, so in this blog, I will be sharing this destination with you as well while telling you the importance and significance of these places as well.

The Richat Structure, (Mauritania)

This place is also known as the giant blue eye in the Sahara desert region of Africa. This place is defined by Plato’s definition of Atlantist. While you visit this place you will be able to see the proper and huge blue color island which is preserved in the heart of Sahara dessert!. This is very interesting that this place is not at all save yet many people go and visit this place. Once you have decided to see this place keep in mind that you should have a backup plan and a tourist guide for yourself as well. We did the same and our visit to this region of Sahara dessert was really amazing as this whole giant blue eye seemed like the mystery which seemed solved, though it’s not because no one dared to solve it!

Snake Islands (Lagos, Nigeria)

People say that those who love to view the mysterious places should also give a visit to this epic snakes island which is covered by the water all around it in the region of Lagos, Nigeria. This island is 14 kilometer in length and 1.4 Km wide and this island is blessed with the immediate access to the sea. Here you will be offered to wear the live jackets as this is the most important thing which you should have because traveling here is done on the boat but once on this island, you will definitely pray for the protection from the snakes as well, trust me!

Ifrane, Morocco

If you really want to search the Morocco Mysterious camping Place then all you can do is go to the mini Switzerland Ifrane which is situated in Morocco and offers you so much to discover and love about this country. Most importantly the ambiance of this place will make your stay here. This is also a form of relief on your adventure with the essential mystery which this place will surely give you, with peace but difficult to understand the logic behind this peace. This is the reason why all the people who love to camp and want the different arrangement and setting than the typical forest environment select this place which offers all such people a reason to look upon all the arrangements. But keep in mind that only your tour guide will tell you regarding the selection of place and the destination which will prove to be the best for your mysterious camping in Ifrane Morocco.

Azumini River (Abia State, Nigeria)

This river in Nigeria is also known as the blue river, because of the purity and the clean blue color of this river, which is not present in any other river of Niger, North Africa. This river is also surrounded by the beautiful and natural aspects of the environment making the atmosphere of this river more and more attractive for all those who yet don’t know the wild and more dangerous side of this place. This is the way of seeking adventure in Nigeria with more urbanized and civilized way. This is the sort of adventure which will not only develop your interest more but will also give you the way to go camping and spend nights on the resort here among all the adventures and the paranormal activities. These dangers have proved to be the best omen in increasing tourism in this area of Nigeria. Now people are more keen on seeking a new and urbanized form of adventure which the blue river in Abia state, Nigeria offers them.

Lake Natron (Tanzania)

Tanzania has got the privilege of being the region in Africa which offers the tourist to view the best settings of nature. This is the place which is home for a lot of Flamingos and all the visitors who visit this place gets the chance to view the beautiful red lake with a bunch of flamingos flying here and there. The legend says that is lake water was consumed by the people of Egypt for preserving the dead bodies of their kings. This mysterious place will fulfill your requirement of adventure and endless satisfaction with peace. You can, in fact, do camping along the cost and enjoy the moments all together. This place is also filled with many adventurous so I and my friend took a tourist guide with us, make sure you guys also take a tourist guide with you.

All it takes to enjoy the adventure is the selection of the right place and the best fellows. If you are lucky enough to find the right destination and the best company then your adventure will be as memorable as you want it to be, honestly.


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