7 Types Of Footwear Ideal For Ethnic Wear!

Every outfit deserves a befitting shoe style to make it a perfectly awesome ensemble as shoes can work wonders for everyone’ s confidence, look, style, strength and more. In short, shoes have the power to make or break the overall look of a person hence, it is mandatory to find the right pair of shoes every time. And, when it comes to women ethnic wear, the shoe game becomes all the way bigger. Though, the women fashion market offers immense range of footwear for women, it is quite a daunting task to find an ideal pair to match with ethnic women clothing. We totally understand the emotional turmoil that women go through while buying a new pair of footwear to be paired with ethnic clothing hence, we have shortlisted 7 types of footwear that are ideal for all kind of ethnic wear including women kurtis, stylish Sarees, indo western dresses, lehengas and more. Check them out!!

Graceful Peep toes

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A go-choice for regular wear as well as ethnic wear, peep toes are ideally styled women footwear characterized by a short opening near the toe line for a unique appearance. Available in both heeled and flat style, this footwear are super fashionable choice and often adorned with additional design elements for a versatile style. You can easily pair them with all kind of ethnic wears, causal women wears and formal women wears to make them look highly stylish.

Comfortable Wedges

If you crave for comfort and style both at the same time when you select a pair of footwear for yourself, wedges is the right choice for you. While giving casual chic vibes, they are an ideal formal wear too that can add height to your stance. You can pair them with all kind of women clothing and make you look stylish, tall and beautiful at the same time.

Chic pumps

Considered as the most stylish women footwear, pumps are also known as court shoes and they are the sassiest pick when it comes to selecting ideal women footwear for ethnic women clothing. Open toe pumps, high-heeled pumps, nude pumps and kitten heeled pumps are some of the options available of this style of footwear. When paired with ethnic women clothing, it instantly adds a chunk of chic style, grace and elegance to your posture.

Classic Ballerinas

If you have opted for an ethnic wear that is completely traditional like lehengas or Saree for the first time, let us tell you upfront, it would require a lot of effort in order to carry it gracefully. For this reason, you should definitely choose comfortable footwear to stay at ease. Don’t dare to opt for heels. Agreed, heels would add height to your personality but, it would not be a comfortable option. We would like to mention this clearly that there is a particular way to wear any Indo western kurti or ethnic wear of Missprint. For this reason, Ballerinas are a great option to stay comfortable yet stylish in ethnic wear.


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If you want to add a fun and flirty appeal to your ethnic outfit, all your need is stilettos. With a long, thin blade like heel, stilettos is considered high-profile footwear that could be paired with any style of Indian outfit. You could choose from a range of simple, sharp, intricate or sexy stiletto design to suit your stance and style.


Some women love to look trendy while still keeping their traditional foot forward every time and for this reason, Jootis are the most convenient and ideal footwear to be paired with Indo western kurtis, designer Sarees, ethnic kurtis and other women outfits that have a traditional galore. The ethnicity of these traditional Jootis are often intermingled with contemporary colors and designs to offer a dazzling women footwear that could be easily paired with any kind of Indian wear.


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Indian hand crafted leather slippers which are locally tanned with the help of vegetable dyes, Kohlapuris are the most exotic style of footwear that goes great with the ethnic women clothing. When you grab yourself a pair of designer classical kohlapuris chappals, you really do not have to worry about any of your traditional clothing, indo western clothing and women ethnic clothing from Missprint.

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