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9 Best Content Marketing Tips for 2019

by Fazreen Razeek

Content is King. People would read high-quality content over and over again. People now don’t like ads. They don’t care about your advertisement. They need some good content to read. Content marketing strategies are also constantly evolving and changing

Content marketers need to stand out from the crowd and have a pool of quality content and strategies as well. Most companies generate a good amount of content every day but they fail to promote the content

Here’s a quick refresher:

How can I benefit from Content Marketing?

1. Produce more content

Obviously, content marketing lets you produce more content. With more content, you can grab the attention of the audience and win the trust of your customers.

2. More visibility

Google ranks high-quality articles. Imagine producing good content daily, Google will surely rank that content on top. Once you improve your visibility on Google, it will be good for your business.

3. Higher domain authority

Your domain authority is dictated by the regular content production and website updates. Thus, if you produce good quality content, your domain authority will also increase. Your website is deemed more important and trustworthy.

4. Higher Web Traffic from Social

If you produce good content which are highly shareable on social media, you can definitely get good traffic from social media channels. You will get more social media followers and web traffic.

5. Enhance Online Reputation

You will also enhance your brand’s reputation with good quality content. You can build a good relationship with your customers and help drive more traffic to your site.

Which content marketing strategies can I use?

1. Content Remarketing

Doing more content remarketing if the first strategy you need to do. Yes, you produce good quality content, but if you don’t remarket your content, you can’t reach your goals. Content remarketing is bringing users who already like your content back to your site. You can grab the attention of an existing audience.

2. Do your keyword research first

This is one mistake most content writers commit. They don’t focus on SEO and just continue writing content right away. Writing without researching for keywords is like playing darts with a blindfold. You need to have a direction before writing. Each article should have keywords which rank high on google.

3. Answers to complex questions

Thinking of which content you can write about? The best content marketing strategy is to try to give answers to complex or difficult questions. If you give solutions to big problems, you can drive traffic to your website. The key to success is to find topics which people are trying to solve and are having problem-solving them.

4. Data in your content

If you provide useful data in your content, you can be sure that people will like your content and find it relevant and trustworthy. Always back up your content with facts.

5. Copying blogs

You may find it a good strategy to copy what others are doing, but this is not the case. You can’t copy blogs and replicate their content. You can’t be successful if you copy someone’s work.

This is an important factor while doing content marketing. Many people start copying the popular blogs. Your site will be penalised by Google for having duplicate content. Thus, you will lose the value of your brand. Give credits where credit is due.

6. Your content should reflect your brand

Determine your brand voice. Once you know this, your content should reflect your brand voice. If you’re selling content which doesn’t reflect your brand’s voice, it’s hard to gain the audience’s trust and it’s hard to reach your goals. Write content which will make your brand stand out.

7. Speak your mind

Try to speak your own, unique voice. Look at your qualities and focus on them. After you write a good content, market it. Write content based from your experience. It’s okay to check what your competitors are doing and try to improve their ideas to create your own, unique one.

8. Best Content

Share the best content. Do not sacrifice the quality over the quantity of articles. You can post one great content once a week, but do not post content which users can’t use. Don’t write meaningless articles.

9. Measure your success rate

After you have decided to implement the strategy and published a good post, you can then proceed in tracking which ones work for you and which ones don’t resonate with your audience. Use Google Analytics to trace the progress of your website. Tracking progress and changing your strategy is the best way to keep your content marketing efforts in check.

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About the Author

Fazreen Razeek from Grafdom has served the digital industry for over 5 years. He collaborates and works alongside agencies, event organizers, and suppliers to develop and execute their marketing strategies. He is extremely passionate about education technology and also writes for various local and international publications. A graduate with High Distinction from the Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, Fazreen holds a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Marketing & Management.


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