How to remove a stain of rust on the body of a vehicle

Why are there rust stains on your body?

Several sources can cause the appearance of unsightly spots on your body. First, let’s talk about brake filings. Indeed, in use, the brake discs project very thin metal particles that stick to the bodywork. Exposed to air and moisture, these particles tend to oxidize, with small rusty spots on the surface of your car.

In addition, salt can cause rusty spots on your car. It can be sea salt if you drive regularly near a seaside. But it can also come from salting roads during snow. To reduce the risk of accidents, the roads are salty to prevent the occurrence of ice. The coarse salt used for this preventive measure attacks the bodywork and makes these oxidation marks appear on the cars. But it can also come from other products harmful to your body despite all the precautions taken by the manufacturers. Oil, battery fluid and air pollution are also the cause of corrosion of your car.

Finally, it is of course moisture and water in general that promote the appearance of all these traces of oxidation on your car. Models built and put into circulation before the 2000s are also more concerned by this risk (the steel of cars designed after 2000 being treated against this risk).

How to avoid rust stains on a body?

Some areas on cars are more likely to be affected than others. This is particularly the case of the bottom of the car, because these elements are located closer to the road and therefore more exposed to projections from the road. The bottom of the trunk, the bottom of the doors, the floor or the muffler is the most sensitive places to watch in the first place. The best technique to prevent their appearance is probably to regularly maintain your car. There are products designed to fight corrosion, which can be found at specialized automotive stores. You can also take a look at our tips on how to properly clean your car. But despite all the foresight you can show, the famous brands can appear. It is then important to carry out a cleaning in order to restore the desired appearance to your car.

How to remove rust from a car?

What material is needed to remove a rust stain?

Here are the materials and products you will need to eliminate these unsightly marks:

  • Solvent and cloth product
  • Sandpaper with very fine grain
  • Anti-rust product
  • Tape
  • Putty
  • Body paint the same color as your car

What are the steps to remove a rust stain?

  1. First step: eliminate oxidation marks

Rub a cloth soaked in solvent on the oxidation marks. If that’s not enough, use fine sandpaper. Then apply an anti-rust product. Let dry.

  1. Second step: refilling and painting

Put sandpaper on the remaining paint on areas that were rusty. After removing these paint marks, dust off. Mark the boundaries of the surfaces to be painted on, using an adhesive tape specifically designed for the body. If these areas are irregular, apply patch filler to holes and cracks. Let harden. Apply a first coat of paint, and then allow the paint to dry. Then apply the second coat of paint. Let the paint dry. Check that there is no difference in paint color on the entire body, and then remove the adhesive.


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