cost of living in canada

Study in Canada is one of the most sought after study abroad destination. For international students, the most worrying aspect of the studying abroad in Canada is the financial expense, and its planning. Here are the estimated cost of living and other expenses for the international students in Canada.

Cost of living in Canada:

Study in Canada is a rewarding investment. There are number of benefits ranging from quality education, classes full of cultural diversities and life off campus. As said before, international students need to have the idea of the expenses that are coming to them, and plan for it.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires a monetary fund proof, as a Canada Visa Requirement. The monetary funds available with students tell the immigration department that the student can sustain himself for a year in Canada. International students are required to have the funds of CA$10000 for 12 months. The amount includes medical, accommodation, food and other living expenses except the tuition fees.

Canada is expensive when it comes to healthcare. It is essential for the international students to have a health insurance, whether public or private. The public plans are administrated by the provinces, and for some universities, a health insurance is mandatory.

These factors affect the cost of living in Canada for international students:

Based on Accommodation:

The place you are staying makes a lot of difference in the costs of accommodation and spending. When you stay in an urban-metropolitan area, the costs are higher. The suburbs and rural areas will be cheaper with the expenses. Many students opt for on-campus accommodations in the dormitories. The most expensive parts of the Canada are cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

Based on Colleges and Universities in Canada:

The cost and expenses vary from University to University, too. The tuition fees are different for Universities in Canada for international students. The universities further will have an option for on-campus accommodation. The fees and other charges will change with Universities.

Health Insurance:

As we have mentioned, the provinces provide the health insurance, and it is necessary for the international students to have health insurance during their stay in Canada.

In case if the province you are staying and studying does not provide a public health insurance, you need to obtain one from the private provider. The conditions change from province to province, as some of them require minimum 6 to 12 months course duration.

The expenses of Health Insurance are average $70 a month and $840 annually.

Here is the breakup of estimated cost of living in Canada for a year:

  1. Tuition Fees: $8000
  2. Student Fees: $400
  3. Health Insurance: $840
    Textbooks: $600
  4. On Campus Accommodation: $7200
  5. Mobile Phone Plans: $360
  6. Transportation (Public Transport Pass): $480
  7. Food and Groceries: $3600
  8. Entertainment, Clothes, and Gifts: $960
  9. Car Insurance: $1500
  10. Fuel: $2400

Total Expense: $26340

This is however, an estimated cost. As we have mentioned, the costs will change with Universities and localities that you are living in.

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