In some countries it is also known as “mother earth stone” because of the positive effects it exerts on pregnant women and the properties it has for fertility.

Yes, the moonstone is undoubtedly the mineral of women because of the multitude of benefits it brings to the female sector of the population. Not only helps you during the days of menstruation or at the time of pregnancy, but also in menopause. Covering in this way the most important facets that a woman can experience in her life. Then I explain how the moonstone favors you at different levels: the physical, emotional and mental.

In our physical part:

Moonstone is good in all cycles of the female reproductive system. Both when preparing your body before pregnancy, during pregnancy, as well as after it and during the time of breastfeeding. In this last part of the lactation the moonstone gets your milk quantity is good and prevents you from having any type of problem in the breast. I recommend that you give a massage with a moonstone starting from the armpit to the nipple to stimulate breastfeeding and have healthy breasts. Moon quartz will also help your body to be balanced emotionally and physically.

Every month, women suffer various disorders due to menstruation. Yes it is true that each woman has their own, but the most common are headache, swelling, emotional instability … The moonstone is a great ally for these days of the month when you are stranger with your body.

It is also good to know that one of the properties of the moonstone is to help stabilize the flow of your menstruation. In such a way that if this one is very abundant it will balance it throughout the months. In the same way that regulates the amount of milk during breastfeeding, so does the amount of flow of your menstruation.

Placing a moonstone at the level of the pelvis serves to reinforce and improve the matrix and ovaries.

Within the properties of the moonstone is to influence the body’s fluids. Yes, remember that in a great majority, your body is made up of liquids, with which this crystal mineral has a great effect on your body and on you. For this reason it helps the circulatory system, the digestive system and the intestinal transit. If you have heavy digestion or lack of regularity when going to the bathroom try a moonstone.

In our emotions:

It promotes emotional balance. If you are a very impulsive woman or you tend to be out of control, the moonstone will help you to stabilize your emotions. It is very useful for those women who continually change their emotional state, being able to go from joy to tears in a matter of seconds. Get used to taking her with you as this crystal will help you stabilize emotionally. Eliminating those sudden changes of mood in a gradual way.

An interesting note for those women who have hyperactive children. They can also carry this precious stone as it will help them to calm their energy. In general it is recommended for those people who are very active and find it very difficult to find calm.

Eliminates excess sensitivity in those women who are pure feeling. Get regulate all your emotions with this mineral. Whether you are an impulsive person, without patience or with repetitive thoughts, the moonstone will help you find your balance.

But beware, for those women who are very sensitive it is advisable not to use the moonstone when there is a full moon. Since using these types of stones in these circumstances could cause emotional instability. It is advisable to rest and put it to load at this time.

One of the questions that most ask me in the consultation is whether the moonstone is suitable when you are unstable and emotionally low. It is best to keep it under your pillow at night and during the day you carry it in your pocket and you can touch it directly with your hands. So at night you can eliminate the stress you have and during the day you can reorganize mentally. As we have explained previously, direct contact of the mineral with the skin is important.

For women who tend to lose their forms when they are much stressed, the moonstone is a small source of energy that provides positive impulses. But when you already suffer an accumulation of tensions and stress in your life you have to combine the properties of the moonstone with other types of stones like snow obsidian and “crystallized shungite”. You can use other things together with stones. I recommend you use the Bach Flowers, specifically the combination of Impatiens and Mimulus. Thus, you can calm nerves, anxiety and aggression that you have. A part of this, it is advisable to combine it with some sport since it will help you eliminate tensions. This, along with a session of Tibetan bowls will make you relax both your body and your mind.

One piece of advice I give you is that you do not use it excessively because you can get nervous at times when you do not need it. It is highly recommended to use it only in those moments when you really need it.

The moonstone is considered the stone of new beginnings, of interior growth. It encourages women to expel their old emotional patterns, so they can be understood, accepted and dissolved. Getting a great healing emotionally with this process. The Moon stone brings a different light to those people who have suffered this type of process.

One of its properties is also related to love and couples since it is considered that awakens passion and tenderness between them. Perhaps this is the reason why it is very common for the groom to give this moon crystal to the bride on her wedding day.

The Rose Quartz Crystal Ballis one of the most famed metaphysical stones. Rose Quartz is explored in many places in the world, and usually forms in large masses. Basically, crystal formations of rose quartz crystal ball are unique. Rose Quartz is one of the stone of unconditional love which is One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work like love of family, romantic love, love of friends.


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