We live surrounded by colors that unconsciously influence our daily life generating effects and emotions in ourselves that we often ignore. Hence the importance of knowing their characteristics and the effects that each one produces, in order to apply this knowledge to our favor within the work environment. Beyond decorating the different areas of our company adding a little color, we can apply it intentionally with a clear function: transmit a message. Either reflects aspects of our brand encourage better performance within the workplace or set up suitable areas to perform certain specific functions. We spent many hours surrounded by walls and fluorescent lights in the work space, which is why it is essential to create pleasant environments that make our workers feel good, in order to obtain better results. In this sense, the power of colors has an impressive range. The green offices are perfect, since they evoke nature creating a strong connection with the outside that helps people feel more comfortable.

The cold colors have the power to be tranquilizing and therefore are perfect for spaces in which we seek to create relaxed atmospheres away from stress. In the same way that surgeons’ robes are of this color, green becomes the ideal tone for green offices related to health thanks to its soothing power that reflects serenity to those who observe it.

Green is a color related to life, growth, and freshness. Characteristics that make it the ideal candidate for companies related to food in which we seek to reflect a clean and current image. And finally, this linkage of this color with the nature of which we spoke before, makes the green offices are also closely related to the ecology and the environment.

If our company wants to give an image like the one described above, green is the perfect color to achieve it through walls, furniture or decorative elements such as plants. The best thing of all is that the green offices have a color that will fit easily into the different spaces of the company: receptions, meeting rooms, work spaces, rest areas … It is easy to find a way to integrate it that may be useful in addition to decorate.

The modern green offices

The extensive range of greens

Between the yellow and blue there are endless shades that offer us a wide range of green colors for the office with which to achieve very different results: from the elegant English green ideal for more traditional spaces in which we seek to convey seriousness  to the modern and apple green revitalize that is ideal for modern and modern spaces.

While softer shades such as mint green relax to a greater extent, brighter, more intense shades such as pistachio green offer a stimulating effect. Depending on the impression we want to generate, we can play with the different shades of green at our convenience. The lime green offices will be perfect for spaces in which we seek to create a very up-to-date, energetic, and vibrant feeling while the softer greens will be chosen when the main objective is to convey a more assertive and relaxed image.

How to combine it?

In addition to all the characteristics that this color can offer on its own, it is important to know well the effect it produces when combined with other tones in order to choose the one that best suits the message we want to transmit through the green offices.


The union between green and white is perfect because it gives us a lot of light in the environments and helps to make the spaces visually wider. It is advisable to use white as the base color and apply details in green so as not to overload the spaces: a wall, furniture, chairs, or some accessories. Especially if we opt for brighter green shades, it will be the best option. This combination will also go very well for companies that want to promote an image of cleanliness and freshness.

To decorate green officeswith the latest trends do not forget to add wood finishes to the star duo. The light colors with very pronounced veins, work very well to add a more natural and pleasant air to the workspaces.


From white to black there is a wide variety of shades of gray that will also go very well to combine with the brightest green tones. Choose shades such as apple green, pistachio or fluorescent so they stand out over gray. This combination is perfect for offices where we look for a modern and modern look.


The browns palette also fuses very well with the different shades of green. From clearer to darker in both options, this mixture will help us achieve a more natural office style and becoming the right combination for companies that want to promote a more ecological and sustainable vision  .


As an alternative to green offices exclusively, the green-yellow set is the best candidate if we want to achieve bold and full of life spaces. We can always rely on white to ensure that the mixture is not too intense if we see it too radical. In small doses, the union of these two colors can lead to an explosion of energy and optimism that can be very positive for certain areas of our company.

Green offices: the color of nature

Previously we commented that green offices are clearly linked with nature that is why one of the most effective ways to get colorful, natural, and green offices is to add plants.

In windowless offices, the plants will help us improve the environment and create more pleasant working climates that increase productivity. In addition, they add oxygen and purify the air of the impurities that expel the computers, the heating or the air fresheners with what they become a not only decorative but healthy element.

Plants have the ability to reduce the electromagnetic fields that eject electronic devices. These can be harmful to health but by placing a small cactus near the computer, for example, the effect is minimized, while decorating our workspace.

In addition to all these benefits, the plants can also be very useful to divide open spaces and create delimit areas with different functions within the company.

Undoubtedly, green offices are the best option if you are looking to maximize performance at work as this color improves productivity and reduces stress. It is advisable to opt for plant species that adapt to the conditions of the environment and that we can easily maintain.

We can obtain very spectacular and visual decorative results if we encourage ourselves with a vertical garden, so topical in recent times. Find a main wall of your company and opt for a striking, healthy, and sustainable solution.

Furniture in green

Introducing the color green in the Office furniturecan be a great resource to apply color in your office in small brush strokes. If the corporate color of the company is green it can also be a very practical solution to reflect your brand in the environment. Mix with other more neutral colors and add color in some details such as cabinet doors, drawers, filing cabinets, or chairs.



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