Our home security is a subject everyone is interested in. Every person is asking what they can do to make their house a little safer. Beside a good front door and a quality lock you should consider window locks too. A lot of burglars break into a house through an open or unlocked window, not through the door. So, if youíre trying to boost your home security, donít forget about the windows.


Improve your home security by adding window locks

Simple items like window locks offer you extra protection for you home, goods and family. Windows can easily be opened with a bit of pressure, so if you think you are immune in front of burglars because you have a strong front door and a good door lock, you should reconsider. If installed properly, window locks can protect you against thieves. Contact a locksmith and ask him about which window locks you should choose.

Types of window locks you can choose for your home

-BurglaBar – this is a powerful hinge for sliding windows, made from transparent plastic, which makes it very discreet and hard for burglars to see. It attaches directly to the window and the hinged arm can be moved up or down to allow the window to open.
-Aluminium clips – small aluminium clips very easy to install, suitable for every sliding windows. They are easy to work with, all you have to do is to turn the clipís thumb screw at the edge of the window to stop it from opening. These clips are chosen by a lot of people because they are an easy and affordable solution to prevent burglaries.
-Sash Locks – sash locks can only be opened by a key, so they are very secure. The attach to the window frame with screws and can be installed both on vertical and horizontal windows, no matter the window material.
-Window restrictor cable – the restrictor cable limits the window on how far it can be opened. Itís similar to the chain lock that many people use on their front doors. The installation is simple. One end of the cable attaches on the window frame, and the other end, to the window itself.

Donít neglect your windows protection

There are many types of window locks you can choose for your windows. The important thing is to realise that your windows need securing too, especially basement windows which can provide easy access to intruders. After you decide on which type of window lock to choose, follow the installation instructions or contact a local locksmith and keep your home safe.




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