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About 50% of world population has passion for writing in one way or the other way. Some of them wish to become novelists, poets or fantasy writers. Some others prefer to pursue their career as a professional like book writer, content writer or academic writer. You might have also heard the phrase “write my dissertation UK” which refers to academic writing. Now the question is how many of those really become successful writers? Not too many and this is because they have nobody to guide them move in the right direction. If you want to become a writer, we can let you read some of the best writing tips and advice from three most successful writers in the world. Check these out:

Stephen Edwin King’s Advice for New Writers

Stephen Edwin King is undoubtedly the kind of supernatural fiction, science fiction, fantasy and horror. Stephen has given top three advices to his followers and those who would prefer to write like him.

  • Advice # 1: Write What Seems Right to You: Stephen believes in the formula of “writing for me only”. Yes, he says write whatever seems right to you and don’t worry about the readers at first place because if you are satisfied with your work, your readers would also like it. If you are not confident about your writing, you can’t expect from others to enjoy and understand what you have created for them.
  • Advice # 2: Focus on Writing Important Facts: When you are writing important fact, you should not hurry to finish them early because this could be the toughest part and you must avoid regretting yourself later. This will take time and in case it takes more time than your expectation, don’t think you are wasting it. In fact, you are investing your time in the right part which will ultimately give you reward you’re your readers.
  • Advice # 3: Explain but Don’t Give Excessive Description: Stephen Edwin King advises writers to explain wherever necessary. There must be some points in your story which need more explanation to make things easier for readers but when you give an excessive explanation or description, it become boring and you must avoid making it dragged. So for the sake of readers always try to make your points as limited as possible.

J. K. Rowling’s Advice for New Writers

Who does not know J.K. Rowling? I hope everyone who loves fantasy knows her. She is the author of Harry Potter Series which has become the most read and seen fantasy series in the world. She is a novelist, screenwriter, film and television producer. Rowling has three top advices for new writers:

  • Advice # 1: Plan Every Step Before You Sit to Write: J. K. Rowling believes in careful planning rather than moving into dark and she advises her followers to create a plan about what to write and how to write because this will save a lot of time in writing and give you much better ideas. If you are not ready to spend time in planning, you will definitely spend even double time while sit to write without it. If you have to write a well research project like a dissertation, proper planning can make it as easy as 1 click dissertation.
  • Advice # 2: If You Have More Time, Spend on Writing: Rowling believes in spending more time rather than limiting yourself to few hours every day. She thinks when you set a time limit you limit your creative writing skills and ideas which are ready to burst out into real words. The advice for spending more time can be varied person to person because if you are not a full time writer, it will not be possible for you to spend all of your time in it but you can still try to spare as much time as you can.
  • Advice # 3: Don’t Be Afraid of Rewriting: If you have written a complete paragraph or a chapter but now you feel something is terrible with it on reading it, don’t be afraid of improving or even rewriting it completely. If you are not satisfied, you must rewrite it or else it will bring nothing but disappointment for you. You might be surprised that J K Rowling had to write first chapter of her first book Harry Potter about 15 times.

Danielle Steel’s Advice for New Writers

Danielle Steel is a popular American writer who has written various romantic novels which have become the reason of her popularity. She is one of the bestselling authors as her fiction book became the fourth bestseller of all times with an average sale of 800 million copies. See what she advises new writers:

  • Advice # 1: Always Follow Where Your Passion Leads You: She says if you are passionate about something, you can become best in it so always follow where your passion leads you. She started her career with poems when she was just a child and then she always followed it. Danielle’s first novel was published at the age of 25 and after then she never looked back.
  • Advice # 2: Shrug Your Shoulders and Move Away: Danielle says never care about the people whatever they say to make you disappointed because this is the only thing they can do and what is the only thing you can do is to shrug your shoulder and move away. If you want to be a writer and on the other hand your parents want you to do something else, don’t worry about them. People might laugh at you but don’t worry about them.
  • Advice # 3: Never Break Consistency While Writing: Consistency is the biggest secret of success not just in writing but in every field of human activities. As a romance novelist, Danielle has to deal with roman, love, relationship, families, home politics, murders and suicide and various other dark aspects of human life. In every character, she has to follow consistency and this is what she does so efficiently.

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