Bleach Character – Renji Abarai 
Now that the new Bleach film is coming along let us remember some of the main characters of the Anime. In this post, I will talk about  Renji Abarai.
Renji is a loyal Shinigami that obeys every command given to him even though he despises his captain. Renji is under command of Kuchiki Byakuya, captain of the 6th Squad. Growing up with Kuchiki Rukia, Renji developed a strong feeling for her. When Renji loses to Ichigo, he tells Ichigo to save Rukia and take here away from Soul Society, although he abides by the rules of Soul Society, his feelings for Rukia are stronger.
Arisawa Tatsuki is Orihime’s best friend and Ichigo’s classmate. She and Ichigo used to do karate when they were smaller. Tatsuki may be quite aggressive but she is kind at heart. She is very protective of Orihime and can be defined as a tomboy. Inoue Orihime Inoue Orihime is a sweet girl that cares for others and likes Ichigo even though he doesn’t notice. She has a good sense of humor and loves to have a laugh with her friends. It seems that each time Orihime brings lunch, her food she makes is always weird. She was most fond of her brother who died in a car crash and then soon encountered an incident where her brother came back as an hollow to take her away.
Luckily Ichigo came as a death god to save her afterwards, soon after that day, Orihime started developing powers of her own. Ishida UuryuThe last of the Quincy, Ishida has a grudge against all Shinigami. When he encounters Ichigo, a death god, he sees him as a rival and challenges him to a dual to kill as many hollows in the town. This challenge leads to a massive outbreak of hollows which becomes uncontrollable for even Uuryu to handle. He ends up joining Ichigo in order to defeat them for the sake of the people. Other than this, Uuryu has great mastery in the arts of sewing.
When Kon gets all ripped up, it is Uuryu who brings him back to new. Kuchiki RukiaKuchiki Rukia is the first death god to encounter Ichigo. She ends up giving her powers to him because of an unpredicted incident. Since she lost her powers, Rukia must stay in the living world for a while until her powers regenerate. In the living world, Rukia tries to adapt to the environment around her. She informs Ichigo about death gods, hollows, and Soul Society. During that stay, Rukia and Ichigo ignite a strong bond between themselves. Kurosaki IchigoCompared to other high school kids, Ichigo’s just a regular teenager, but there is one thing that differs him from the others by a whole lot. He is able to see ghosts. Ichigo is willing to give up his life to save the ones he love.
In his encounter with Rukia, Ichigo stabs Rukia’s Zanpaku into his own heart so he can become a Shinigami in order to save his family. After that incident, he and Rukia together fight off hollows. During this process, Rukia realizes that Ichigo is no ordinary person, his powers far surpass than that of a regular person. Kurosaki IsshinIsshin is the excitable father of Ichigo and his sisters Yuzu and Karin.
He is a skilled doctor and as such, runs a private clinic of his own. He loves his daughters’ to pieces and is often shown attacking his son Ichigo, reasoning that it will help him to learn to protect himself. Isshin often says inappropriate things and is considered somewhat of a senile pervert by his children because of it. Years ago Isshin lost his beloved wife Masaki, and often confides his feelings to a large poster of her he has up in his kitchen. Aside from all his crazy antics, He can be very serious and also has a mysterious side to him. Sado YasutoraSado Yasutora, also known as Chad is Ichigo’s best friend. In his early days, Chad would fight a lot and steal.
One day when he was caught for stealing, Chad was at the brink of being beat up until his grandfather appeared. Instead of Chad getting beat up, his grandfather took the hits. Since then, Chad swore to protect the ones around him. Although Chad doesn’t talk much, he has a very kind heart. Urahara KisukeUrahara is the manager of the Urahara shop. He has great pride in giving his customers the best products. But the shop isn’t just your regular convenient store, it’s a store for soul society items. Urahara wears a green striped sun hat and likes to build his reputation most of the time. It is Urahara that saves Ichigo after his fight with Byakuya in the living world and trains Ichigo for the mission to rescue Rukia.
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