car checkups

Check your car before you travel

Before you go to travel, make sure that your car is ready for this task and have no trouble. There are different Travelling suggestions in general but these tips will help you to maintain your car for this road trip or traveling and will make your travel memorable.

Check the engine oil & change

Motor oil is very important for a vehicle. It helps you with running your engine smoothly. You have to need to change engine oil at every 3000 to 5000 miles. When the car settles this distance across, you do change it. Before starting the traveling, you should check the engine oil level and change it if needed. You should choose the best quality oil for your engine.

Check the car’s seatbelts

The seatbelt saves your life. Usage of the seatbelt, decrease the chance of injury during a car crash. It works to save the driver’s life and life of that person who sit in the front seat of the car. If the seat belt is the defect, it can provide no benefit in a crash. So check your car’s seatbelts.


Hoses are the most important hood under your automobiles. It provides a connection between engine, radiators, and heating block for the coolant flow. Hoses are exposed to the temperature around 212 degrees boiling point due to the coolant’s hotness. Since hoses are made of rubber. So on this high boiling point, they can be damaged. Failure of these hoses will make the cause of defeat your vehicle, car or your day. It may spoil your traveling. So first you see that hoses are attached to the engine’s output and input and with the radiator or not. If they have cracked, replace them immediately.

Transmission system

Basically, a transmission system is consisting of various transmission components such as brakes, gears, clutch, shaft, and fluid drive. Through transmitting power, they work together for transforming the speed ratio between engine and wheels of a vehicle. If you have the low transmission fluid and continue driving, you can be damaged your car transmission system. The bands and clutches will fail and not do work anymore. On the other hand, if the transmission is overfilled. It also becomes the cause of failure of the transmission system. It may create the problems of like leading to gears shifting, oil starvation as well as transmission damage. So check the quantity of transmission fluid and have the proper quantity of fluid which has you needed.

Cooling system

When the car engine is running, it produces a lot of heat. If you avoid it, the cooling system will not work properly and the engine will be damaged. Cooling system helps you to maintain the engine heat and cooling level. Coolant is the way, to keep your engine running at the proper temperature. If the cooling system is not working properly your engine will get hotter and hotter until it gets damaged. It also makes the cause of overheating. It is necessary to check the fluid level regularly and make sure that you have enough amount of coolant in your vehicle.

Check the tires pressure

Always check your tires and their pressure before driving. Tires make a contact between you and the roads. Temperature differences such as cold and hot weather have an effect on your tires. Cold weather will drop the pressure while the warm weather will make the cause of pressure increase. In both conditions, your tires are getting damage and you cannot perform well driving. You should check your tire’s pressure before going to travel that not only keep you safe but also has an impact on your performance and mileage.

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