Did you know that rock wool is obtained from volcanic rocks?

Since time immemorial volcanoes have been a center of admiration and devotion. There are even some of them who carry with them a legend as it happens with the Mexican volcanoes of Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl.

The phenomenon of the eruptions has fed this type of beliefs on the part of the old civilizations that kept a great respect to the mother nature. With the passage of time humanity has been understanding the workings of volcanoes and with it we have been able to take advantage of that wisdom in our benefit. A clear example of this is rock wool .

This thermal insulation materialis discovered in Hawaii after the eruption of one of the volcanoes when, on the part of the inhabitants, they realized that the lava had taken the form of long threads . In the twentieth century, two scientists, observing this phenomenon, began to think about how useful they could be. This was the germ of the birth of rock wool.

This insulating material is produced after submitting the basaltic rock , coming from solidified lava, to very high temperatures, reaching 1500ºC obtaining lava . Using a rotating machine, the lava is separated into fine threads that together make tufts to which a binder liquid is added. Subsequently, rock wool insulation panels will be used to be used as thermal insulation.

Rock wool can be used as insulating material in both thermal and acoustic insulation. The systems used for the installation of thermal or acoustic insulation with rock wool are both insufflated or blown insulation.

Characteristics of the thermal insulation insufflated with rock wool

The main characteristics of the use of this insulating material in the thermal insulation of your home are:

  • Very effective against both cold and heat
  • Good behavior as acoustic insulation
  • I hydrophilic . Rock wool does not absorb water
  • Fireproof and Incombustible . Protects against fire. Rock wool is able to withstand temperatures above 750 degrees.
  • It allows to eliminate the appearance of dampness by condensation
  • It is an economic material.

In addition to all the above, rock wool is an ecological product , because although it needs an industrial treatment, during this, it saves energy and allows to reduce the level of CO2 and polluted gases expelled.

As for the waste generated in the manufacture of rock wool, 98% of them are recycled.

If you finally decide on the installation of this type of thermal insulation in your home, you will benefit from a series of advantages ;

  • The installation is carried out without any kind of works , with which the inconvenience during the process is minimal.
  • By its presentation in sheets , it can be applied in many places of the house.
  • It is a product, as we mentioned before, ecological and natural .
  • It does not require any type of maintenance .

If you need more information about rock wool or any other insulating material or thermal insulation method, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.


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