Diets that kills

Numerous diets promise terrific results in the shortest time while keeping silent about the most important, about the possible negative consequences that can occur for the body. Today we will talk about the weak side of diets. Pay attention to them if you decide to use them.

The danger of mono-diet

The danger of mono-diet

This group of diets is designed for the use of a single product. For example, buckwheat, apples, eggs, chicken, etc. The duration of such food cannot be more than 5 days. Otherwise, the body “can strike”. As a rule, such diets are absolutely not balanced, and the lack of vitamins and trace elements negatively affects the state of health. In addition, before a severe restriction of nutrition should consult with a specialist. If you have some health problems, such as diabetes, oncology, etc. The use of such systems is simply unacceptable.

Monodiet, of course, will give a quick, but not a long-lasting result. Very often they are used by actors, to achieve certain parameters in a short time. However, after a while, the weight and volumes will return.

Therefore, if your goal is to lose weight for an event, for example, a wedding, a birthday, a new year, then try it. To keep the result long does not work out.

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Harm to a sweet diet



The dream of any sweet tooth to lose weight on a sweet diet. However, this is not entirely safe for health. This diet system, the whole diets, reduces the consumption of bitter chocolate. Duration of the diet is 3-5 days. Note that in chocolate there are a lot of carbohydrates, which quickly saturate the body and reduce the feeling of hunger. Such a “deception”, of course, is not harmless for the body. With such nutrition, there is a sharp deficit of proteins, which are the main building material for our body. Consequently, weight loss occurs due to loss of muscle mass. And this is not very good. After all, after the completion of the process, in the absence of physical exertion, instead of muscles will come fatty tissue, which is much lighter than muscle mass. Therefore, you will notice not only the addition of body weight but also the volume. And this, for sure, is not quite what you wanted to achieve.

Drinking diet

This system restricts food to “solid foods”. You are only allowed to drink. For example, soups, kefir, water, etc. Experts adhere to such nutrition for about a month. However, prolonged use of only liquid food can lead to mucosal atrophy. Subsequently, the gastrointestinal tract begins to produce an insufficient number of food enzymes, refusing to process hard foods. For the restoration of the body can take more than one year.

In addition, such nutrition adversely affects the appearance – the skin becomes dry and flaky, hair loss, brittle nails, malfunctioning of the female organs due to lack of fat, etc.

The lack of protein foods will lead to loss of muscle mass, the accumulation of fluid in the tissues and edema. After all the efforts and torments after a while, the weight will return, and in the form of fat. Having lost a certain percentage of muscles, you will receive “in reward” fat, and this is extra centimetres in the waist and other problem areas.

Protein diet

The most popular diet for today is protein. The popularity is due to high efficiency. However, even here there are pitfalls. Protein products are quite heavy food for the body. It is not processed into fat, but with excess intake into the body it is deposited on the walls of the intestine, slagging it, with their excess, the so-called “protein poisoning”, constipation may appear. Therefore, adhering to protein nutrition, it is necessary to ensure that the body receives enough fibre.

In addition, this system limits the intake of fat and carbohydrates, which are necessary for the body. The lack of fats negatively affects women’s health, and the lack of carbohydrates can disrupt brain activity. The person becomes listless, drowsiness, a decline in strength. A deficiency of vitamins with limited nutrition leads to poor health, but also causes negative changes in appearance, broken and cracked nails, and drop out hair, the skin dries and peel off, new wrinkles begin to form.

There are several cases where, after a prolonged entrainment with a protein diet, people were in serious condition in the hospital with a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Danger of a diet on tablets

The harmfulness of diet pills today is written a lot. And most importantly, have not yet invented such medicine, using which one could lose a few extra pounds without harm to health. All these pills do not stimulate fat burning. Some of them act on the brain, disrupting metabolic processes and causing the body to experience a feeling of satiety. Sibutramine, part of the magic pill, accustoms the brain to the constant reception of these pills, there is a psychological attachment to them. In addition to reducing the appetite, it stimulates the production of endorphins. Unpleasant surprises, in the form of a sharp increase in appetite, depression, insomnia, expect a person who decided to tie with diets on tablets.

The second part of the tablets leads patients to the toilet, removing from the body all useful substances, liquid, which can cause dehydration. Dizziness, sleep disturbance, loss of teeth, brittle nails and hair, skin peeling and other problems become permanent companions of lovers of “easy” weight loss.

Low fat diet

Excessive consumption of fat can lead to a set of extra pounds. But do not be too radical an approach to the issue, and completely remove them from the menu. 10% of the daily ration is the limit, which should not be underestimated under any conditions. After all, it is thanks to them that the microelements A and E are absorbed by the body, which is considered “vitamins of beauty” in the modern world.

Lack of fat negatively affects the work of the brain, as the intercellular nutrition is disturbed. The memory and the general psychoemotional condition deteriorates.

Raw Food

This kind of food is known to many. Most followers of this system write many positive reviews about it. But do not dramatically change your taste preferences. And if you still decide to try, then you need to do this after consulting a doctor. Self-interest in raw food can lead to anemia, osteoporosis, problems with the female reproductive and nervous systems, etc.

Many savers say that they get enough protein from their food. However, it is proved that the structure of animal and vegetable protein is completely different. Long abstinence from normal food can lead to irreversible consequences. For example, in vegans with a long history, even with the transition to a normal diet, the body stops absorbing vitamin B12, as the cells responsible for its absorption die and are not restored.

By the way, the problems that have arisen can be irreversible.

And yet, remember that returning to the usual diet, it is very easy to recruit not only lost kilograms but also much more. Therefore, so that efforts are not wasted, try to competently switch to a daily diet. Do not overeat or overload the body, watch for food, exercise, then the body will please you for many years.


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