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With most online sites offering the same line of products and services, it has become a matter of concern as to which eCommerce website design would attract the maximum number of visitors, thus, propelling the rank of the website on Google or any other search engine. Digital marketing agencies providing SEO services in India always advise their E-commerce clients to lend foremost importance to their E-commerce sites’ Category Pages as they are integral to any site’s navigation.Creating SEO friendly Ecommerce category pages is essential as it aids consumers to browse through the product catalogs and shuffle through the home page and product pages listed on the website. Getting pages containing details of specific products is not easy, hence, it is always a conscious decision to optimize the pages, using SEO tips and techniques, so that these pages may rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs) when a potential customer posts queries about the products or asks questions related to the same.

To ensure optimized E-commerce category pages, you may implement the following tips to ease your prospective customers’ search for your products, while also improving the ranking of the site in Google search rankings:

Do not forget to include SEO basics:

It is okay if you are a pro at designing SEO tricks and tools. But this does not mean that you underestimate the effect of following the basic SEO techniques. Designing your E-commerce site keeping the SEO fundamentals in mind is the key to having an optimized website while allowing scope for a user-friendly experience. Remember to optimize the URLs of your website by including relevant keywords in a way that it tells the user what the site is about. The category titles of your online site must have the important keywords. In addition, the meta-description of your site must describe what the site is about so that your site has a greater click-through-rate (CTR). Ensure to include keywords in the content’s headings.

E-commerce website design must ensure easy navigation:

The ease of navigation on your website affects your website’s ranking too. It is necessary that you keep your website design less complicated so that customers are easily able to find what they are looking for or the products they wish to buy. To enable customers to look for the items or products they require, you must include meaningful category names. For examples, “shoes” must be included under the category “Footwear”, while bracelets and charms are added under “Accessories”. If you have added new products to your website, you may incorporate a new category titled “Recently Added”.


No website is complete without useful content. That the phrase “Content is King” stands tall in the light of the fact how the inclusion of relevant and meaningful content can boost website rankings on Google. To get keyword-rich content published on your website, look for an agency that provides SEO services in India including content writing and marketing services.

  • Remember not to go overboard with your content.
  • Include concise and interesting content keeping in mind the search queries:
  • Longer content always has a better effect than short-length articles. So, the length of your content matters;

Interlinking to other relevant and corresponding websites ensures a better Google ranking. Including internal links on the content that you publish guides the search engines to the sites that your links point to. The internal links augment user experience, thus, enhancing your site’s rankings on Google.

Quality images:

The first thing that grabs the consumers’ attention towards any E-commerce site is the images published on the site. Since any E-commerce site facilitates buying and selling on the web, it is necessary that only high-resolution images be posted on the web to enable prospective customers to visualize the nature of the product and make buying decisions accordingly. It is also necessary that you upload relevant and original images of the products that you are selling to maintain the credibility of your website. Apart, use ALT text to help search engines understand what the images are about.


Designing your E-commerce website design around SEO principles helps in establishing the necessary ranking on Google or other search engines. This is also important if you are looking to increase the Google traffic of your online store, thus, augmenting sales.

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