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Social Email Extractor (SEE) is a sophisticated tool that can be used to gather emails from any website in any niche. You can target specific geographical areas for your niche and return literally thousands of Yahoo mail and Gmail addresses in no time. You can set it up to scrape, let it run overnight and wake up to thousands of fresh and highly-targeted email addresses.


An Email Marketer’s MUST-HAVE tool


Set it Forget it Software

No proxies, No DeCaptcha, No Accounts – Social Email Extractor is an All-In-One (AIO) email extractor. Everything is built in and it extracts quickly.


Social Email Extractor Scrape Emails Fast!

Set Social Email Extractor and when it’s complete you’ll be amazed at the number of emails you’ve extracted in such a short amount of time. It’s very fast averaging anywhere from 100 to 1000 emails per minute.


Thousands and Thousands of Fresh, Highly-Targeted Email Addresses!

We’re not talking one or two thousand here! If you set the tool up properly you can easily clear OVER 100 THOUSAND emails in a session. The numbers are so staggering that I’ve specifically set and option to increase the maximum email count to ONE MILLION! Now tell me, what email extractor can extract that many emails?


Built in Keyword Generator

SEE has a built in keyword generator that allows you to generate keywords as a means of targeting specific niches. Emailing starts with a large list of emails specific to a niche. With SEE generating these lists is easy and fast.


SEE was originally created to scrape emails from Social Media Websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, however, it has since evolved to allow you to scrape from ANY website.


Email Extractor Software Built-In URL Extractor

With SEE you can use the built-in URL Extractor to extract hundreds of urls specific to the niche you are targeting. After extracting them simply place them in the Custom Website Selection box are start scraping these urls scrape email addresses. Doesn’t it make sense to scrape emails from the websites of the niche that you’re targeting? We thought so!


Search Engine Email Extractor

Social Email Extractor, in addition to using our special email extractor algorithm, also uses the power of search engines to find email addresses. Currently, our subscribers are using Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, BING and ASK to return tens of thousands of emails.


Advanced Email Extractor Features

Do you only require emails from facebook? What about with an extension of SEE’s advanced features allow you to choose from search criteria to filenames for specific sessions – everything you need to extract effectively for your campaign.


Intelligent Search Criteria

Users will often attempt to hide their email addresses by using different characters when presenting their email address online. Social Email Extractor is so smart that it can convert the following to valid email addresses: [at], [AT], (at), (AT), [ at ], ( at ), _at_, _AT_, “at”, “AT”, ( dot ), _dot_, _DOT_, [dot], [DOT], (dot), (DOT), [ dot ], DOT com, dot com.


Social Email Extractor Costs

Social Email Extractor costs $50 per month. You can pay for Social Email Extractor by any payment method.


Best Email Extractor


Social Email Extractor has set a new standard for email extraction. If you’re an online marketer looking for a way to get fresh, valid email addresses specific to the niche of your choosing – in a manner that’s fast and effective – then you need Social Email Extractor.


We’ve opened up a second server specifically for the public with a strict limit of 75 users. Once the limit has been met or the date below has expired – registration will close forever!


Note: Subscriptions can take up to 12 hours for accounts to be processed.


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