Being overweight is never a good thing! It not only makes you look unattractive, but also makes your body susceptible to a host of health complications. EPOC training is one of the most promising techniques to lose weight fast. It is a trusted training method that is known to produce remarkable results in a short span of time.

EPOC basically stands for Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption. It means that your body keeps on burning calories for as long as 24 hours even after you have completed the exercise. This kind of training makes you perform high intensity exercises for a short time which is followed by a period of active or complete rest which continues for double that period. A simple example of this kind of exercise routine is running at a very high speed for 1 minute and then taking rest for the following 2 minutes. Now, here the rest can be active in nature in which you will be performing jogging or it can be complete rest.

Such a training method is exceptional in the sense that it helps your body to keep burning calories long after you have completed your workout. Plus, you do not need to invest a lot of time in exercise to avail benefits from this sort of training. Only 15 to 30 minutes per day are required to gain maximum benefit from this exercise routine. It is just this much time that is required to escalate your metabolic rate to this much extent that your body keeps on burning calories for the next 24 hours. This is not achieved by any other means of exercise.

EPOC is basically a measure of time required by your body to recover from the disturbance of the body’s homeostasis caused due to exercise. It means that the more intense the exercise, the more profound is the EPOC effect achieved through it.

It is believed that exercises that involve large muscles of the body lead to a higher EPOC effect. Therefore, it is suggested to perform exercises which involve the quads, chest, back muscles and hamstrings. Sprinting is one of the easiest exercises that should be performed to initiate this magnificent effect in your body. Other exercises which can lead to a similar type of effect in the body include deadlifting and bench press.

This kind of workout is much better than any regular cardio exercise routine. In low intensity exercises your heart rate remains at a steady rate, which does not burn much calories during the process, and moreover, its influence drops as soon as you stop doing the exercise. Considering all this, it is better to perform high intensity exercises for a short duration which increase your heart rate and have a lasting effect on your metabolic rate, which makes you burn a handsome amount of calories. With such an exercise routine, there is no need to spend hours on the treadmill when you can flaunt a better body by spending a few minutes doing the EPOC training.

EPOC basically refers to the after-burn effect which is accomplished after performing high intensity exercises. The good news is that this kind of training does not require you to enrol in a high-end gymnasium to get an expensive gym membership. These days there are many at-home exercise plans that can be easily utilised to develop a quality EPOC training schedule that works wonderfully well to tend to your diverse fitness needs. This kind of exercise routine works marvellously to help you lose weight fast, while toning your body as well as building lean muscle.

This special exercise schedule requires consumption of a huge amount of fuel by the body, which leads to breaking down of fat deposits. It is during the recovery process that the a lot of oxygen gets consumed by the body, which leads to impressive fat loss.

While following any EPOCtrainingone must realise that this kind of exercise routine is extremely demanding and requires you to push your limits. Therefore, it is important to take care of your diet so as to ensure that you do not exhaust your body completely while doing the challenging exercises involved in this workout. You must follow a balanced diet and should keep your body appropriately hydrated.

Moreover, you should make your choice prudently while choosing any at-home EPOCtrainingprogram. There are multiple such plans available in the market, and therefore, it is required that you practice full caution while selecting any particular at-home program. It is imperative to pick only that program that is designed as per your fitness aims as well as your present health condition. When you get successful in getting such a plan, you can easily st

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