Explore the Indian Railways for Better Traveling Experience

Many people travel by train and that too with a big smile on their face. They feel good to be in a train whenever they go to any destination. They feel relaxed and carry their preferred books to read. But there are many individuals who hesitate to travel by trains. Of course, the reasons might differ person to person, but the thing is worrying. Indian Railways has been doing so much for its passengers, and the people are thankless.

If you feel that trains in India are over packed, the passengers are squeezed in the compartments, people are sitting on the roof, and some individuals even hanging out of the doors of trains, then you are right to some extent. There are a few trains that might be found in such a condition, but you cannot take every train like that. You would be surprised to know that so many trains in India are actually super organised, and you may need to book in advance. Of course, if you are traveling during the times of festivals like Holi or so on; it gets important that you do reservation well in time. Tickets are hardly available during the times of festivals. There are features like Irctc train enquiry that can help you about the information of trains and their availability.

If you don’t have a good amount to spend on your train ticket, then you can pick a compartment of a train that suits your budget. What you can do is you can go for third class tickets; they are in three tier carriages that means there are three bunks beds in every single row. You would definitely have the option of first class, the second tier, third tier, a fourth class and even a fifth class. Talking about 3rd tier, it also has air conditioning that will make the trip that bit more manageable. Certainly first or second class will be much better if your pocket stretches to this.

Safest Compartment for Women

If you are a woman and you are travelling alone, you should know that third tier is actually the safest as there are so many people around. In first and second class, you might end up in a private cubicle on your own with a frightening stranger. We don’t intend to put you off from travelling in a better and nicer class, but it is something to be informed about. It is always better to keep these things in mind than to feel bad later on.

If you are traveling in a sleeper compartment and somebody comes and sits on your seat with you; you should not hesitate to tell them to vacate. After all, you have made a payment, and you cannot let it go easily. Of course, you need to tell them politely to leave or simply tell them that you want to lie down and the space is insufficient. The point is everything is comfortable in a train if you know how to handle situations.

Thus, before you deter the idea of traveling by train, don’t forget to recall if there are any things you do to ensure that your train journeys stay comfortable and vibrant. You have to put efforts to make a journey wonderful.


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