Exercise provides overweight individuals with an active lifestyle. It allows people to train their bodies and saves from being severely damaged by cardiovascular disease. But, if you do excessive training with hardness and consistency, it will make you feel some aches and pains in your body.

That’s why a foam roller can be a piece of essential gear for you. It can help you reduce muscle stiffness and release trigger points. It might be a bit painful, but it is quite normal if you do it through the correct way. After completing a good foam rolling session, you will feel relaxed and ready to perform other essential activities.

If you want to have a good foam rolling session, you need to choose the best foam roller for back. But, it can be a bit daunting task due to plenty of brands and models available on the market. To simplify your finding job, we’ve come out with an excellent review of LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller. Hopefully, you will find it pretty much helpful to select the right one.

Review of Foam Roller, LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller

The LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller is one of the best foam rollers for the back. It is an excellent option for yoga, including massage and physical therapy. For releasing muscle stiffness and enhancing muscle strength, this fitness gear can also help you a lot. Besides, this foam roller for back comes with a lot of features and benefits for the users. You can check out them below.

Extra Firm

High-density foam rollers are made from higher quality materials so that they can last longer than the softer ones. For this reason, this excellent piece of exercise equipment is the construction of two-pound-per-cubic-foot-density molded polypropylene foam. This means it won’t lose shape even after heavy use for longer. You can put your full body weight on it to do excellent foam roller back stretches.

Multiple Sizes

This foam roller comes with three sizes to fit the people of all ages, including small (6×12 inches), medium (6×18 inches), and large (6×36 inches). The large one is ideal for rolling the more massive parts of your body. But, the smaller one is an excellent choice for those who travel and want to carry something on the way. You can even bring it into your suitcase.

Water and Scratch-Resistant

When it comes to the scratch resistance, this foam roller provides a smooth surface with scratch-resistance. And this fitness gear also resists water. Both the trainers and gym owners can use this foam roller for these excellent features.

Lightweight and Portable

This high-density foam roller is lightweight to carry around, although it looks like a big fitness gear. It is also portable to bring to other directions, but it doesn’t allow you to pack into a suitcase. So, you need to choose another option.


  • Offers versatile operation
  • Relieves muscle tension effectively
  • Ensures smooth surface
  • Provides different size option
  • Delivers proper balance


  • It might be thick for some smaller people


In a nutshell, foam exercise roller helps you prevent muscle injury and also perfect for multiple physical activities. You can do a MyoFascial release to deliver maximum relaxation relief by using your bodyweight.

However, you can trust this review as this foam roller is durable, easy to use, and effective in relieving different body muscles. So we can say that if you pick up this foam roller, it may be an excellent purchase for you.

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