Good ways to treat cramps before period


Cramps before period are very common before and during menstruation, but they can also occur after the period is over. This is not a cause for concern, but it can indicate a basic condition.

1. Causes of cramps before period:

  • Ovulation

A woman may feel cramps when she ovulates – when the ovaries release eggs. Ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation is part of the most frequent menstrual cycle. A person may or may not meet it when ovulating.  Cramps during ovulation usually affect one side of the body. They may last a few minutes or days and will disappear on their own.

  • Pregnancy

A mild sinus infection may be a very early sign of pregnancy. These cramps are related to the transplant – when fertilized eggs or embryos attach themselves to the uterus. Cramps before period are mild and temporary, and usually accompanies the present. Bloodshot with reddish brown or brown spots, called transplanted blood. Bleeding occurs at the time when the next period is due. Other symptoms of pregnancy may occur during this time, such as chest pain, increased urination, and mood changes.

  • Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to any place outside the uterus.

Ectopic pregnancy begins as normal pregnancies, but a woman can have cramps before period and pain in the uterus.

Other symptoms include:

  • Irregular bleeding
  • Pelvic pain is severe, often severe
  • Shoulder pain
  • Nausea

Pressure that is related to an ectopic pregnancy can cause fallopian tubes. This can cause severe bleeding, which can lead to fainting, shock, or lightheadedness. Surgery of the fallopian tubes requires urgent medical attention. Ectopic pregnancy is uncommon, occurring in about 2% of pregnancies.

  • Menstrual bleeding remains in the uterus

In some cases, a certain amount of blood will remain in the uterus after the end of the period. When this happens, the uterus contracts to remove extra blood. These contractions can cause bloating and may also lead to bleeding with brown or black spots when the old blood is ejected. Symptoms usually disappear within a few days as the body removes the remaining blood

2. Ways to reduce the pain during period

  • Improve diet to reduce cramping

Reducing fat and increasing the vegetables in the diet can help ease the cramps. This diet also enhances your overall health.

Reduce fatty foods from animal products. Instead, you should use unsaturated fats in olive oil. If you drink milk, you should also choose low fat type.

  • Use painkillers

How to cure cramps in the menstrual cycle

In cases of menstrual cramps that make you uncomfortable, you can use a prescription painkiller. You must not use pain relievers without consulting your doctor.

  • Drink tea

Certain types of tea can help relieve cramps before period. Although research on tea helps relieve menstrual pain is quite scarce, but using tea is a folk experience is said to be highly effective.

The reason is that some types of leaves can act as estrogen. Be careful, you may also consult a doctor first, especially if you have a history of hormone-related cancers or blood thinners.

A commonly used medicine is bark cramps. Boil 2 teaspoons bark in a glass of water, simmer for 15 minutes and drink three times a day. In case you are taking diuretics for hypertension or lithium, consult your doctor first.

Tea with mint oil can also be helpful in this case. As a specialist, you should drink this tea one week before the menstrual period.

  • Fish oil supplements and Vitamin B1

One way to reduce natural menstrual cramps is to use fish oil or vitamin B1 or both, according to experts. So, you can add two vitamins to reduce the painful symptoms of menstrual cramps.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help reduce cramps by helping to relax the nervous system. Acupuncture is also believed to have anti-inflammatory effects. However, if you choose this measure, you need to look to the clinic, medical facilities prestigious to ensure safety.

  • Massage with essential oils to relieve pain

Using certain essential oils for massage can also reduce the pain of menstrual cramps, according to a study in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research in 2012 that 48 women had painful cramps. Menstruation and other symptoms used essential oil or aroma to massage the lower abdomen. They use a mixture of diluted essential oils, including lavender, sage and mint. Used in a 2-1-1 ratio and diluted in 3% cream does not smell. As a result, the use of oil for pain relief was markedly improved.

  • Use a warm pack

Using hot packs is considered one of the most effective remedies for painful menstrual cramps, experts say. You can buy a hot pack or simply put a warm towel on the lower abdomen.

So these are causes and ways to make you feel better during cramps before period. I hope you can find what you need and enjoy this article.


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