Do you love to scrumptiously enjoy the lip smacking popcorns? Well, it’s a splendid idea to cook a bowlful of mouthwatering popcorn on a black Friday weekend night, isn’t it? The perfect idea of an ideal weekend at home cannot be completed without preparing some amazing homemade popcorn! Popcorns are often enjoyed during a movie weekend at home, where one can simply tuck into a snugly quilted couch, wrap yourself in a knitted throw and munch from a box of delicious popcorns endlessly! Making a savory bowlful of some fine popcorn from scratch is quite a fiddly business and one needs to learn it with concentration. The popcorn kernels must pop well and I’m sure you wouldn’t want the kernels to stick to the pan or burn them!

However, no matter how carefully I tried to follow the recipe, I always ended up burning the stove top popcorn and stare at the mess miserably! Nevertheless, the misery ended till the day my auntie showed me the perfect recipe to cook the perfect corn at home! The popcorn recipe is really easy and takes no time, and in a few minutes, the deliciously pleasant aroma of freshly cooked popcorn, ready to be gulped in a blink! This recipe saves each kernel from scorching up and prevents the gumming up of the kernels to the bottommost of the pan!

Well, let’s go through this peppy popcorn recipe, learnt by my dear, old aunt years ago during an extravagant sous-chef cooking course in Paris, the city of exotic flavors and scents.

Try this flavorsome recipe and I’m sure you would love to thank me for sharing it!


Preparation time: 12 minutes

Serving quantity: Serves 2/3 quarts, enough for a couple of people.

Make it a point to affirm that the inner area of the pot is totally dry before pouring the oil into the pan, otherwise, the oil might sizzle as nasty bubbles.


• 3 tablespoons of the oils such as peanut or coconut oil.

• 1/3 cupful of great quality of good popcorn kernels

• 1 tablespoon of melted butter, if liked.

• Salt, to taste.


Apart from the buttery taste, try to add a dash of flavorsome additives such as smoked paprika, nutritional yeast or some heavenly tasting Parmesan cheese to make the recipe taste better! If you like to toy with the art and magic of blending exotic spices, you can also use a seasoning of taco powder, red cayenne or a pinch of simple curry powder to wonderfully enhance the recipe, in quite an attention-grabbing manner.


Get a nice, deep bottomed pot and try to invest a bit of money into an expensive one, as cheap priced pots often fail to distribute the heat steadily and you might end up all flabbergasted, burning up the soon to be relished popcorn! Do not overheat the pan and as a basic rule of thumb, try to prefer medium heat, to cook the popcorn evenly. Use two popcorn kernels to set an estimated temperature and check when the first kernel pops. Once it does, add the remaining pack of popcorn kernels and heat for just a minute, without overheating the oil. Now, slightly tip the lid of the pot to check if the popcorn is in the popping process. The popcorn soon becomes crispy golden once it is steamed well. Once all the popcorn swells, the lid should be removed and now, pour all the popcorn into a finely looking dish.

Once it’s made, season the popcorn with a pinch of salt and serve it to your eagerly waiting friends and family.


Try to use a nutritious oil such as extra-virgin olive oil which is one of the healthiest options of using a good cooking oil. You can also add other edible oils such as avocado oil, safflower oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil to enhance the taste deliciously. Try to avoid canola oil as it’s over processed and offers the most harmful effects on health.

After it’s all done, checked and ready, pour the freshly cooked popcorns in classically trademark custom popcorn boxes that are easily bought from a good packaging store to make them appear as a relishing eye candy! Have a great Black Friday weekend!


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