How is technology changing the way we live?

If you now ask any teenagers or anyone at this time that what is the force to live? They definitely response that technology is the ultimate force nowadays that no one can imagine to live without it. Technology has the greater impact on our lives and the way of living has entirely changed due to technology.

Over some past few years, numerous new and innovative technologies have discovered which has actually changed the perspective to live a life. From navigating your path to tracking your direction, from different sensors to automatic machines in different sectors.


How does technology affect society?

We are cross all the technology including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray and now we move toward the virtual reality. Technology is growing at a very high speed as well as it is very important to revolve our self along with technology. We morning there is a new technological advancement.

technology give ease to everyone lives in different ways: it helps to access to any information with the blink of an eye, boost business productivity, improve communication, entertainment, better services, internet of things become common technology provide efficiency and productivity in every field of life. Database centers, networking applications, artificial machines and business intelligence software are the examples of modern business technology. Technology all these technology help for smooth communication, boost productivity and take an effective decision.

Let’s explore the areas where technology is changing the way we live:

Now let’s discuss some areas in this article where technology has completely changed the way of living and way of doing the different process.

Mode of Communication

Over the past few years, technology has modified the way of doing communication. Especially when internet technology is combined with different modes of communication then the communication becomes more effective, smooth and convenient for everyone. in the old time, people just able to talk to one person at a time and you also had seen paid telephone booths now with technology you can easily talk to the person who is sitting in the next corner of the world. There are different messengers such as Meebo, instant messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp messenger and AOL. It is due to technology through which you can send emoji’s, memes and another character to another person while talking. Skype and IMO is also an effective mean of communication.


People who born in the 70s and 80s have a different meaning of entertainment in their lives. they enjoy in their family and friend circle, flying kite on special events, watching TV along with elder family members, cooking, knitting are some entertainments of old people. But now there are digital screens, play station and live streaming due to technology. It is due to technology now generation can play video games, create effective business strategies, and take advantage of e-learning, doing net surfing, Candy Crush, Netflix, Pokémon etc.

Before Google It Was Nothing

Suppose that time where there is no internet and no one can know that such type technology can develop in the future. At that time people approach the public library to get any information related to your subject. Google is the blessing technology for all mankind. It is due to it you can access any time of information at any time. Now people can do email by creating email ID on different platforms such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL. Nowadays, email marketing is very effective that most of the business used to promote their product and services.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the advanced technology at present time. Many companies used this technology in their business. Programmers and other multinational companies try to develop games and movies by using VR and enhance the user experience by creating the three-dimensional environment.

VR technology continues to take his position all around the world. Like in 2015 there were 200,000 programmers who have developed games for Oculus Rift. But according to the estimation, the market share of virtual reality in 2020 will $5.2. the function if virtual reality is to send signals to the end users and VR is mainly used in video games, military training application and remote environment for delivering a real experience to the end user by a virtual artifact.

VR attract many users because it simulation is just like a real-life experience.

Big Data

in the past to save pictures, files and any type of data we sued floppy disk, CD, DVDs, pen drives, the huge size of the hard disk and now the technology has changed and we do not need to buy an expensive hard disk to save data. Now we used online storage reserve such as Dropbox. in the past we also face problem due to lack of memory in smartphones but now technology become advance and experts design smartphones that have internal storage is 128 GB or maybe in the future, this limit extend. Another interesting fact is that Google has a capacity of 15 Exabyte’s which mean 1 billion gigabytes. According to some interesting factual information that everyone used over internet contain 1000 GB on the internet.

Big data has great influence many business sectors and make their position in the world smartly. As the world is moving toward the digital age and everyone wants real-time transaction of data. Sectors that take advantage from bog data includes marketing, banking, IT, insurance, and artificial intelligence and so on.

Big data is basically used for the analytic purpose. Business owners used this information to take an effective decision, find hidden problems, understanding customer’s perspective and it provides the bird’s eye view of crystal clear picture of your business.

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