So fast that your investment recovers

If with the arrival of the cold it scares us to think about the heating bills that we are going to have to pay in the coming months, it is that our home does not have an adequate thermal insulation system. The solution is to make an investment and solve the problem with insulation, but how much can it cost to isolate a floor?

The most effective and ecological way to reduce our energy bill is to ensure that our home is well insulated using a thermal insulation material.

Although initially the investment we have to make to thermally insulate our home can be high, we must face it with a long-term perspective.

A well-insulated home can reduce our energy bill by up to 50%, so the initial investment made to assemble the insulation in the home will be recovered in a short period of time.

Size also matters in thermal insulation

The amount of incorporating thermal insulation to our house will depend essentially on the size and characteristics of the building. The costs will not be the same in the case that we want to isolate a community of neighbors or if on the contrary our idea is to thermally isolate a single-family home.

As the size, another determining factor when deciding the budget for thermal insulation are the characteristics of the house since it will depend on these the insulating material to be used as well as the technique used in its installation.

If the house that we must thermally insulate is one that has a double wall or “….2 the recommended technique will be thermal insufflations, whereas if on the other hand it is a house that needs thermal insulation of certain areas, such as the attic or the basement, the technique recommended in these cases will be that of thermal blown insulation.

With our decision on the material used and the thickness of the thermal insulation will reflect a reduction in our energy bill more or less. For example, in a house of about 100 square meters in which a medium-level thermal insulation is used, we will save approximately 200 Euros per year, but if the thermal insulation used is of high quality, the savings will increase up to approximately 1000 Euros per year.

In addition to achieving savings in our heating costs during the winter, in the summer months our energy bill will also be reduced since we will suffer energy savings by using air conditioning more rationally.

The points in which action must be taken so that the insulation works properly are the walls, doors and windows.

If what you have read in this post has convinced you to make the necessary investment to get your home has a better energy efficiency we can help. Our professionals are specially trained to offer you a budget to insulate your home thermally and advise you on what insulating and technical material are those that can best make that transformation in your home.


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