Excessive usage of mobile phone and internet has exposed children to a large number of digital threats putting their security at stake.

Parental control app provides a significant solution in securing your teenager by keeping a constant check on the mobile usage.

The article goes on the explain the benefits of using a parental control application along with the features offered. For example, the child GPS tracker helps locate your child almost instantly.

What is Parental Control App?

Easy availability of the internet has led to an increased number of hours that a child spends using a mobile phone. Chatting with friends, playing video games, watching videos and accessing social media accounts are a few things which have made your teenager vulnerable to digital threats.

A Parental control app is a tool which helps the parents monitor the device and also control its usage by the kid. It offers features like GPS tracker, internet usage restriction, app block, time schedule and many more.

Benefits of using a parental control app

  • Restrict Internet usage:

A teenager with a mobile device can visit various website, even a porn website and view objectionable content. Using a special application allows the guardian to block access to such websites and apps.

  • Messages:

SMS is used to chat with friends, family, and other people as well. The Bit Guardian Parental Control app keeps an eye on whom the child is chatting with and what they are chatting by allowing parent to view the SMS log.

  • Keep safe from cyber-crimes:

Many children are becoming victims to cyber-crimes like financial fraud, identity theft, phishing scams, hacking, etc. and hence are not secure.

Using a control app can protect them against cybercrimes by limiting access to harmful websites.

  • Find a lost phone:

An application like this can find the missing phone using GPS almost instantly and also offer several other supporting features.

  • Keep tabs on the calls:

With a smartphone in their hand, a kid can talk to anyone they please.

The Bit Guardian App helps monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls and thus keep your child safe.

  • Maintain privacy:

Smartphones along with online accounts are vulnerable to hijackers and cyber-criminals . Hackers can then misuse any data they manage to capture.  Using a security app helps maintain privacy.

  • Protection from Social Media:

Excessive use of social media apps can have dangerous consequences, and kids should be discouraged from doing so. The Bit Guardian App can help restrict the usage social media apps.

  • Create Activity log:

Having an activity log that records activities of the child on the mobile device is very useful.

  • Restrict phone usage:

Many parents find their kids always glued to their smartphones. Installing the right application can help limit the amount of time spent on smartphones.

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The feature-rich Bit Guardian App

The Bit Guardian Parental Control app includes numerous features like a child GPS tracker, blocking apps, and restricting usage.

Installing the app is quite easy and can be done by first installing the parent app on the guardian device, then on the child device and then linking them.

This app has primarily been designed to keep your kids secure and to ensure peace of mind:

  • Blocking app usage:

By blocking apps on a phone, you can prevent exposing your child to unwanted content including porn websites, violent games, etc.

  • Panic or SOS button to use during an emergency:

A panic button is a quick method of contacting someone during an

emergency. The app allows your kid to send panic alert message to the parent device during an emergency by tapping a button.

  • Scheduling phone usage:

The parent can limit the time the child spends on each application. They can also schedule the usage of the phone itself. Besides which, there are several pre-set schedules

One such setting is bedtime, which does not allow any phone usage after a specific time. Another one is the game time that allows gaming only at a specific time of the day.

  • Monitor calls and messages.

Another preventive measures is to view the call and message logs. Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls along with SMS will help you keep your kid safe. The app allows you to view logs for this purpose.

  • Find lost phone in case of theft:

In case the mobile device is lost or stolen the parent has the option of using GPS to track the location of the device. Additionally, you can also make it ring from the parent’s device.

  • Locate your phone using child GPS tracker:

This feature enables you to be aware of the location of your child at all times.  It also allows you to create geofence and set alerts if the kid crosses the boundary set by you.

The child can use GPS features to alert the parent for ‘pick up’ from a specific location.

  • Kiosk mode:

This allows the parent to remotely control the child device in this mode. It is used to block apps thus allowing the child access to only a handful of apps. This mode is popular with young children.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I block apps on kids’ phone?

Yes, it is possible to do so using a parental app by selecting the apps to be blocked on the child’s device.  Access the settings from the parent app to achieve this.

  • How to use Geofence to restrict child?

Geofence is set by mapping the physical boundary in the app and creating a virtual boundary. This will send an alert to the parent’s device if and when the child goes beyond the physical boundary.


  • Can I restrict game time on child device?

Yes, game time can be restricted to the particular time of the day using a parental control app. To do this, change the setting to allow games apps only as per your schedule.


  • How to find my kids lost device?

A good parental app will have a GPS tracker. It also helps in locating a lost mobile phone.





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