Choose Jewelry for His and Her

When you think about the day of the celebration of your wedding, without a doubt the first thing that comes to mind is the dress, the suit, the decoration, the guests, the makeup, shoes, hairstyles and certainly the accessories. Just the latest is what I want to tell you in this article, about the accessories for boyfriend and girlfriend, since without the right accessories the look cannot be complete.

If you are right with the choice of accessories, you have to be very clear that the accessories are the ones that will allow you to achieve a look that stands out to the fullest and, without a doubt you will look like you have always dreamed of it on the day that you have expected the entire lifetime. You will achieve an unparalleled look to surprise all the guests.

As you know, the wedding is one of the most special days in the life of every bride and groom, of course also for the family, that is why I want to start by sharing some tips so you know how to choose the accessories for the bride.

What kind of a girlfriend are you?

First, you have to keep in mind what type of bride you are, as well as the type of dress you want to wear. For example, if you opt for a dress with a sweetheart neckline, but it has enough details, it is recommended that you only wear a small pendant; In the case of wearing a simple design dress, you can take a little more risk and choose a good size necklace. If the dress is lace and with rhinestones, the key is to choose quite discreet accessories.

Remember an essential and basic rule, the one that has to be taken into account in the world of fashion and beauty, especially in bridal fashion, “less is more”, so you do not abuse the use of many accessories and use of those with a rather striking design. The purpose is that at your wedding you are very beautiful, simple, but quite elegant.

Hold on to the rule of 3

This rule basically consists in the fact that you only have to choose to wear three accessories, so decide what you want it to be what attracts the most attention, and do not forget that the engagement ring such as the wedding ring also counts as part of the accessories, Hair accessories also come in to carve.

Always remember that it is the celebration of “your” wedding, and as they say there, “fashion, what suits you”, so remember that it does not matter if something is in trend, if your mother or your mother-in-law They like it or not, on this great day the purpose is that you have to wear what you like and with what you feel very comfortable, you feel comfortable and sure of yourself.

Don’t carry everything

Mainly it is not necessary that you wear all kinds of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. On many occasions, you can get a wonderful look wearing only a special jewel.

For the hand, it is recommended that you only look at the engagement ring and after the ceremony, you only look at the wedding ring.

As for the earrings, you have to choose it based on the type of hairstyle. For a collected hairstyle, you can wear more striking earrings, while for a hairstyle with loose hair the earrings can be more delicate.

How to choose the bride’s veil

You have already chosen your wedding dress, but would you like to complement it with a wedding veil that matches your suit, height, face type and hairstyle? Then you have to see the following tips to know how to choose the perfect wedding veil.


– Round: Choose a wedding veil with a fall towards the sides of your face so that it looks thinner and with a minimum length to the shoulders. Avoid at all costs the fall in the form of a waterfall, this is because they will add volume to the face.

– Square: if you have this type of face you need a wedding veil that softens it, for this opt for a long veil with volume in the upper area of ​​the head, preferably that it falls in the form of a waterfall. Or you can choose for a cathedral-style veil.

– Oval: this type of face is considered the most perfect face, so you can choose for any type of wedding veil, yes, you have to take into account your height.

– Triangular: if you have this type of face choose a wedding veil with some detail or even one that has a brooch in the upper area of ​​the head that helps shoot the lower area of ​​the face with respect to the upper.


– If you are tall, use any type of wedding veil that will fit you, even the cathedral style that is two and a half meters long. Check out these beautiful wedding veils 2014.

– If you are of short stature: avoid long bridal veils at all costs, since they will subtract centimetres from height, then choose bridal veils to the shoulders or short veils, I recommend a type of waterfall veil, to stylize your beautiful figure.


– If your suit is simple: you can choose a more elaborate type of wedding veil, it can be a mantilla veil, which has lace details; but if instead, your suit is very elaborate, then choose for a simple veil so as not to recharge your bridal look.

– If your suit is classic: the wedding veil can be vintage style.

– If your suit is romantic:  the wedding veil can have details such as embroidery and lace.

– If your suit is modern or sophisticated: opt for a sober wedding veil and without any details. For this type of wedding dress, short veils work much better.


– If you have long hair and you have a very elaborate hairstyle, and you want to show it, your wedding veil should go out the back of your hairstyle.

– If you wear a high bun, the wedding veil should be long or medium.

– If you wear loose hair or a low cut, choose for shorter bridal veils.

– If you wear short hair, your wedding veil should leave the upper front area of ​​your face.

I wish you good luck in choosing your wedding veil.

How to choose the bride’s veil

As I wish you to look spectacular on the day of your marriage, then here I will show you the best wedding accessories for a wedding in autumn. I assure you that you would like to have everyone.

Well, if your dress has bulky details or several details, it is best that the accessories are conservative and very discreet. But if your wedding dress is very simple, then it is preferable that you choose more attractive and colorful accessories. Without a seizure, this does not mean that you should completely forget about accessories with more traditional designs.

The most essential accessory for any bride who performs her wedding in the autumn season is the coat or cape. Brides who are conservative and even innovative brides opt for more daring designs of this modern and romantic garment, especially since there are various options. Many times, a cape can be a perfect complement to a wedding dress, however, you can also inspire the trend of bridal coats.

As for the headdress or veil of the bride, you can choose something more classic or that goes according to the colour with the spirit of the autumn season.

Today, the brides who choose a pair of more classic white shoes are because they want to, but you have to keep in mind that there are several options of footwear and you can also opt for a very different design. The brightness, applications and colours of that season are very fashionable and you can accompany your dress with one of these beautiful options. If you decide on this last recommendation, you should remember that the red, orange and brown tones look spectacular in this fall season. It is time for you to take a chance and see that you will look very beautiful.

Accessories-for-brides-in-the-season-of-autumn3It is very true not all brides are equal and many of them do not think of the beautiful bags as an accessory for the bride, but they are very important. Because there will always be something that is stored in the bag such as makeup, cell phone, lipstick and among many other things, it is good that everything you have at hand. If you speculate that the bags do not have extraordinary designs so you can use it, then you are very wrong.

To choose other accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings, the alternatives are many and you can choose from thousands of designs. The most important thing is that you take into account the proportions, the budget and the balance and that it goes according to your personal style.

As you will see, here I already gave you a summary of some of the several options that there are of the bridal accessories for weddings that will be made in the autumn season. Well, this most transcendental season is that you fill the day with shine and a touch of colour with the bridal accessories.

How to choose a boyfriend’s accessories

The choice of the groom’s accessories is also equally important as the choice of the bride’s accessories. But remember to choose them after having already chosen the groom’s suit.

Here are the best tips to know how to choose the right accessories for the boyfriend, so be sure to see them:

Keep in mind the type of groom’s suit

As I was telling you at the top, the first thing you should choose is the outfit that best suits you, since the accessories are chosen according to him. You can choose the tuxedo, the jacket or the frac.

If you choose the tuxedo you have to buy a bow tie and buy jewelry from, although you can also wear a tie, but I do not recommend it. You can also complement it with gloves.

In case you choose the jacket you should buy a tie, and place it with a Windsor knot below the vest, which can be straight or crossed.

And if you choose the franc, then you should buy some leather shoes to complement it. And if you are a classic boyfriend, definitely choose a hat to wear on the day of your marriage.

Adapt the accessories to your personal style

As in all moments of marriage, your personal style is the key. I recommend that these match the bride’s suite and the style of marriage.

If your style is sporty, for nothing you have to wear a bow tie or tie, and if the suit you will wear is simple, then the other accessories should be simple and choose the essentials.

For bohemian-style marriage, which is usually carried out in rural complexes or on the beach, the bride and groom must opt ​​for white vaporous garments and wear few accessories, and in many cases, they go barefoot.

Know the tie options

Tie:  there are as many tie designs like those of cotton that has become fashionable and embroidered. As embroidered ties provide a special sophistication, so do not hesitate to choose it.

Bow tie:  there are two great relatives, but within them, the options are similar. As for materials, the most elegant and widely used fabric in formal marriages is silk, and cotton is special for informal marriage.

Twins:  if you have decided to wear a tux, then you should prepare to wear some twins. As for the shape, you have them of clip, bulb, button, etc.

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