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How To Get Rid of Onion Breath Effectively

A – General information

Onion breath or bad breath in general all cause people irritation and annoying feeling, making them feel less confident in themselves. People get onion breath are ofcourse the one who consume onion on their daily diet. No one wants to get onion breath but unfortunately, onion is indispensable parts of ingredients to cook daily. Therefore, people still have to include onion when cooking and preparing foods.

This ingredient is rich source of folic acid and vitamin B and C thats help your body perform full of its function. MOreover, it is super beneficial for people’s health as it contain high amount of anti cancer properties as well as increasing bone density for our health. The only reason make its less wonderful is that onion is quite smelling, making people refuse to eat them.

B – How to get rid of Onion Breath

Beneficial and delicious as it is, onion bring about smelling that prevent people from using them in their daily dishes. Worry less, there are natural home remedies and methods you can totally apply to get rid of or to cover the smell of onion. They are super simple to apply at home with no side effect and costing you nothing. The best part of applying natural home remedies is that it is convenient when you can make use of all ingredient from kitchen without buying anything outside. They can also give instant result in such a short period of time.

Following are natural home remedies you can apply at home to get rid of onion breath:

  1. Milk

Milk is nutritious for and it might come as a surprise that it is used to cover bad breath in mouth. In fact, people have been using mouth rinse for a long time, therefore, it can perfectly get rid of bad breath and bacteria from mouth. The key of using mouth rinse is that it works wonders to neutralize the sulfur content in onion quite in short period of time. You should do these following steps to go for milk mouth rinse:

  • RIght after eating food included onion, drink a glass of cold milk. The one you should use is full fat milk instead of skim milk.
  • After drink, you can swishing around then spit out for several times.
  • Beside, milk is good in strengthening teeth as well. Drink few cups of milk daily is good idea for whole body.

2. Apple

“One apple a day keeps the doctors away” – this old saying is true in every situation. Apple is good fruit for body, many people knows that. It is packed with natural enzymes that can neutralize bacteria and sulfur causing odor in mouth as in milk. This is the reason why people using it as wonderful remedy for onion breath.

There are two ways making use of apple you can go for:

  • After eating onion, drink one cup of apple juice to cover the bad breath right away.
  • Another effective way is to eat raw apple. The eating action itself can clean your teeth.

There are also high amount of fiber in apple that keeps body function well.

3. Lemon

Here comes the salvation for bad breath. It is the high amount of citric acid in onion that neutralize all bad bacteria in the mouth. Besides, there are bleaching effect in lemon that can work to brighten your teeth. The plus side of lemon is that it can be used multiple ways, you can drink its juice or rinse your mouth. Following are two simplest ways to apply:

  • Squeeze halves of lemon into a cup.
  • Add ½ teaspoon sugar and one teaspoon salt then mix them well together.
  • Add a bit of water then drink the juice right after eating onion.

Another way is to make use of squeezed halves of lemon directly rub on your teeth. Keep doing that for 10 more minutes then rinsing off with water. The best time to do this is after consuming onion or before bed time.

4. Baking Soda

Baking powder is the best ingredient that is not only used to brighten teeth but also to clean your mouth. This is the main reason it can be used as wonderful ingredient to help you to drive out all bad bacteria causing bad smelling. You can use baking powder as toothpaste to brush your teeth. Here is how to:

  • Take out one teaspoon baking powder and add along with sea salt following 1:1 ratio.
  • Mix with one teaspoon water to get the smooth paste as your toothpaste.
  • Using this mixture to apply to your teeth and rinse off few times a day.

Doing this constantly and you will find no more bad breath from the mouth. What a good way to boost confident.

5. Green Tea

Green tea always makes it ways to be among natural home remedy to treat many health issues, onion breath is no exception. Green tea is wonderful ingredient that helps destroying sulfur content thanks to high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants. These are the reasons why green tea can give such constant result towards onion breath. Here is how to apply:

  • Choose handful of green tea then wash them all.
  • Boil this handful of fresh tea for 15 minutes then strain the water.
  • Leave it to cool down then drink throughout the day or until bad breath is gone.
  • To enhance the taste, you can drink with a bit sugar.

Moreover, green tea is such a good beverage for your heart as countless benefits it can bring.

These natural home remedies are quite simple to apply at home and they will sure give the best result. All you need is little effort and time to watch out how it works on your mouth. They will surely boost confident once you are free from onion breath. These ways are designated from ingredients at home so they are perfectly safe as well, you do not have to worry about side effect at all.

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