It is an easy task to create a blog. But it is really hard to build a site with good traffic. If you write posts in your blog regularly, but those will not be visited by visitors, Then, your posts haven’t any value. How to increase blog traffic on Blogger fast to be successful in blogging, you must have a good traffic in your blog and then you can earn more from your site. We see that among of us give posts on their site hundreds and hundreds for years, but they haven’t a little traffic in their site. To increase blog traffic as well as to increase visitors to your blog, you must follow some techniques and rules. If you write the good quality and SEO friendly content for your site, your site must be hit with good visitors.

As a beginner blogger, you need to know about some knowledge of SEO. Only SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can increase blog traffic. As Blogger blog contents are hosted by Google, so Google gives the priority of these content in their search result. But, for becoming a successful blogger, you have to complete some SEO tasks to increase blog traffic.



Write high-quality content for your blog. Because only the good quality and informative contents can increase blog traffic. High-quality content reduces your site bounce rate and increases more visitors in your blog. If your site is full of the poor and unrelated content, then those content never can satisfy the visitors. As they go back from your site and your site traffic reduce remarkably. So, write high quality and informative posts to your blogger blog and increase blog traffic.


It is a new and good technique to boost your site with good traffic. We see that the same category site is given priority by search engine more on that category. Think, your site is based on technology. So to increase traffic on your site, you should increase the technology-based posts. Then within a short time, your site will be boost by search engine on that category. If you make content in different categories, then the search engine can’t recognize what type of site yours.  And you will lose your blog traffic. Follow More post from my blog such as how to start a blog with wordpress.


Making blogger post SEO friendly is the key to increase blog traffic. You can create a good SEO friendly blog post by researching keywords, keywords density in blogger, proper optimization of heading tag, sharing the posts in social media and many ways. It will be a better work for you to create an SEO friendly post than hundreds of SEO poor contents. Because the non SEO friendly and poor quality posts can’t boost your site anyway. Otherwise, only a high quality and SEO friendly blog post can bring a large traffic to your website. So, write the SEO friendly and high-quality blog posts and increase blog traffic remarkably. You can get help to create an SEO friendly blog post from our previous post in which we wrote details.


Now, all search engine give importance for site loading time in their search result. The long loading time sites, can’t impact to search robots. Again, if your site takes a long time to open, then the visitors don’t want to enter your site. It is so much boring to wait for loading of a site. So, you should take care about this matter and should make your site faster. You can check your site loading time by Google PageSpeed Insights tool. It will give you a details information about site or pages.


At present sharing blog posts in different social media is a great SEO practice. It is essential if your site becomes new. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and so much social media through which you can share your blog posts. It is the main key work to increase blog traffic in a short time. When you will publish the post in your site, then you should share that post in social media. For this practice, your site will get enough visitors and site will be placed in a good position in a short time


You can also increase your blog visitors by providing a blog email newsletter system in your blog. By this system when you will publish posts for your blog, then the subscriber for email newsletter will get that post via their email. Now, this system is so much popular among the bloggers and the audience. You can set up Feedburner email subscription system in your site. Then your audience will subscribe to get your posts via email and you will get some visitors from here.


Again, the blogger template can arise as an obstacle to increase your blog visitors, if that is not SEO friendly. So an SEO friendly blogger template has a great effect in the search engine. You should use an SEO friendly blogger template to boost you blogger blog easily. Your bogger template should also become responsive. Because nowadays the most of the visitors come from the mobile device. So make your blogger template responsive and mobile friendly.


The sites which are updated regularly has a great importance to the search engine. So, update your blog regularly and edit the previous post those you published. Then your site rank will be increased. You can follow a technique to keep update your site. Don’t publish many posts in a day, just save as draft and publish daily. To publish many posts in a day and leave the blog for long days are the bad practice for the good site traffic. So, keep updating your site as your best.

In conclusion, You should take care to make your blog post high quality and SEO friendly. If your visitors will satisfy about your blog content, then they will return to your site. So you should give importance first than others. Later follo

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