How To Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram is now one of the most used social networks in the world. Like Facebook, which is also the owner, the application (free) is growing monumental. Currently, the number of “like” and sharing on Instagram continues to grow, making the happiness of many celebrities. A platform also used for advertising purposes (and it works) to publicize a company or a brand. If you still do not understand how it works on Instagram, we offer some tips to get twice as many subscribers and more “like” on your account.


The popularity of Instagram is envious. With more than 500 million active users and a robust advertising platform inherited from its parent company Facebook following the 2012 buyout, Instagram seems unstoppable. Instagram , for those who do not know it yet, is a photo sharing platform where you can edit them with filters. The idea is to give a retro aspect (and hyper trend) to your shots thanks to the “Polaroid effect” filters. If your photos are beautiful and original, you can have more followers on Instagram.

You can then follow other users and like and comment on your favorite photos, the goal being of course to be the most popular possible by collecting the maximum of “likes” and subscribers on your Instagram account!

Become famous on Instagram

On Instagram as on most social networks , getting a maximum of “like” and sharing is the only solution to gain notoriety. It’s only thanks to the actions caused by your photos and videos that you can think of becoming a famous day on Instagram. Similarly, all advertising content regularly shared by 1,000, 5,000 or 50,000 subscribers, can quickly become key pieces to allow a brand to gain visibility and notoriety.

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But even if it seems simple, this process requires a specific strategy, a lot of time and money (enough) and constant attempts to adopt the strategy to technological advances.

The strategy that works on Instagram

A user who subscribes to your Instagram account is either one of your acquaintances or a future consumer attracted by your products. To attract more subscribers to your account, it’s important to have a good strategy.

  • Define a specific theme or niche to focus your content on a single subject.
  • Create a community.
  • Adopt a custom style, tone, angle of attack.
  • Choose to tell a true story, yours, your brand, your values, etc.

For current hot topics, you can check out Reddit headlines. If you’re just starting out on Instagram, check out some of the most popular accounts to make a difference. Once you are on a theme, focus on it without scattering so you do not scatter your followers.

Buzz photos on Instagram

Photo sharing is the first purpose of this application. To immerse yourself in this phenomenon that has made celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber so famous, you will have to spend a great deal of your time observing. This is the ideal solution to define what kind of photos attract more subscribers on Instagram.

Instagram for business

The work is tougher for brands that want to make themselves known on Instagram. You must provide content that appeals to your subscribers and serves your business. In addition to focusing on what might please your followers, it will also define your own goals.

Try to figure out your expectations from your posts on Instagram.

  • Try establishing your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • Get greater visibility over your competition.
  • Tell your story and share your principles.
  • Value your consumers and your community.

Remember, however, that unlike Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, Instagram is not a tool to bring traffic back to your website. By cons, it is the social network of reference to gain visibility and make known your brand and your products.

On Instagram, it’s all about practicing viral marketing. It is less about sharing the most photos or videos, but knowing how to guide them to promote the brand, the product. In addition, on Instagram, there is no need to publish a perfect photo. Above all, through this one, you manage to get the message across. To do this, just play on the strengths of your company: your talents, your projects, your creativity, your teams, etc.

Recycled content also works well to promote a brand on Instagram. These photos that are part of your archive can still be used to make a brief comparison and perhaps even create emotion among your consumers.

Your close contacts, your first subscribers

To hope to win a hundred subscribers when you register on Instagram, it is important to know the basics of the social network. For example, know that it is quite possible (and very useful) to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This will attract all your Facebook contacts on Instagram, especially those who use the application. Moreover, if you decide to “follow” all your contacts on the social network, be certain that they will do the same on your account. If you use Instagram on your mobile, you can also import all your phone contacts to significantly increase the number of subscribers on your account.


Hyperlapse is an application integrated into Instagram, allowing you to make very fun videos in slow motion or in fast motion. These videos in timelapse can help you tell your story or that of a product, in a very original way. It is the reference tool to stand out and be very creative.

Scheduled publications

Professionals know, it is not necessary to stay connected to social networks all the time to benefit. Planned publications allow you to continuously feed your account, get ahead of the competition, publish at the right time to directly impact consumers.

Instagram stats

To make sure your strategy works on Instagram, you need to use network statistics. After a few weeks or months of testing, you must go to the control, to know especially if you had more subscribers. If so, why? Or what are the photos that got the most “like”, “comments” and “sharing”. The idea is mainly to understand what works of what should be reviewed in your strategy.

The like button on Instagram

Now that you understand the basic rules of how Instagram works, it’s time to go on a hunt for subscribers.

At your beginning, your followers will be essentially your close contacts. Before thinking of becoming friends with pro users, think first of all about expanding your Instagram family by connecting with users of the same level as you. To do this, you can do a thorough research on the topic you are dealing with. Do not be surprised at first if some contacts come and go on your account, it’s the nature of Instagram. The important thing is to “follow” all accounts that seem close to your own interest. Subscribers will come alone afterwards.

Use and abuse the like button on Instagram, especially through other photos that you like on the accounts related to your theme. It is a very intuitive way to create a circle of subscribers quite quickly. And with the ability to “like” up to 300 photos per hour, the case will quickly be in the pocket.

With over 10,000 followers on Instagram, you’re already one of the influential users of the network. At this point, you can afford to build relationships with other famous accounts that will certainly attract even more followers.

Partnerships on Instagram

Collaborating with other users can only be beneficial for a brand that is just starting on Instagram. So do a search on accounts similar to yours, or with communities that share the same passion as you. Thanks to a win-win partnership, you can take advantage of your partner’s audience to increase your number of subscribers. To get in touch with a potential partner, you can use email, leave a comment via “Instagram Direct”, or use the network’s private messaging.

In terms of partnership, you can either request a “shootout” in the comments of an Instagram account, ask a partner to publish one of your content, create a collective content by tagging your two respective accounts.

To go further, you can also request the intervention of an Instagramer who can post a guest post about you on one of his own photos. You can also use his talent to transform a photo into an artistic masterpiece to capture the attention of consumers. Or even invite some of them to one of your events so that they capture the highlights and then relay them on their own. You can also get closer to them by participating in InstaMeet: meeting Instagramers.

Instagram and other websites

To promote your Instagram account, create a direct link to all your networks on the Internet: blog, site, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, etc. In this way, all your posts will appear on all your social networks at the same time, and you will automatically increase your audience. You can also automatically post your Instagram photos on Facebook. On the rest, you can post your presence on Instagram via tweets, emails, commercials, etc.

Good applications

Beyond the natural methods that allow you to get more followers on Instagram, many applications also allow you to do it automatically.

Tweet Adder now exists for Instagram. Like what it does on Twitter, this tool allows you to target users more accurately and automatically unsubscribe to accounts that do not earn you anything.

Mass Follow can also be interesting to track users on Instagram, hoping to get a positive return on your account later.

Get Followers Boom also allows you to track accounts and earn credits and then earn followers in return.

JustUnfollow meanwhile allows you to know the users you follow but do not follow you in return, those who have unsubscribed or inactive accounts.

Advertising on Instagram

To advertise on Instagram, you can:

  • Or, set up advertising campaigns to sell your products and services directly.
  • Either, advertise only to make yourself known and get more subscribers. But if you really do not want to sell anything on Instagram, advertising is to be excluded from your strategy.


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