How to Pack and Store Items for Self-Storage


Before arranging self-storage and putting items in transit, you need to make sure that precautions are taken to reduce any damage that might occur. You can do this by packing and preparing items correctly before loading them into a secured storage unit like self storage Scottsdale. You may be asking how exactly you can do that. What is required to make sure that your items are protected? Read on for more information.


When moving, odds are you will do so using any and every box you can find to get the job done. This will often leave you with a mix of box sizes that can make stacking, moving and packing a hassle. If budget permits, try and acquire boxes that are of the same or similar size. It will make stacking boxes and moving them in general much easier, as it will allow you to take up every available space within a unit.

When putting boxes together you should make sure that they are filled completely, taking up every available space. You should also proportion weight, making sure that no single box is too heavy to move. Don’t underestimate the importance of the types of boxes you use, as they can make moving items into storage unit a far easier process when you use the right type.


When you know that your items are moving into storage, the urge will be to rush and get them wrapped up and ready to go as soon as possible. You must resist this urge and avoid putting your items in plastic bags and refuse bags.

These can actually damage the items they contain over the long-term as they trap moisture. Break the process down and take your time, start by acquiring the right supplies, including tissue paper, bubble wrap and parcel tape among other things.

Wrap and secure each item individually, don’t bundle things together, and make sure that they are packed airtight with no room to move. Load them into boxes carefully, and fill in any gaps between items with packing peanuts, before sealing the box tightly with designated packing tape. Repeating this process with each individual item will allow you to protect them during transit, loading, unloading and the subsequent storage.

Label Everything

With items and boxes flying around, the entire process of packing items for self-storage can become a confusing one. The easiest way to alleviate this confusion is by using labels. Every item you load and every box you load should be labeled appropriately. It makes unpacking the items into a self-storage unit far easier, as you can priorities box position without having to open each one up to see what is inside. When it comes to packing up boxes, a label maker can be a useful investment that is worth its weight in gold come packing time.

Keep it Clean

If you are packing up large wood, metal and leather based items, it isn’t as simple as just packing and moving them. They need to be cleaned and prepared correctly. Metal and wood based products should be polished thoroughly before being wrapped to ensure that no dust becomes trapped during the packing process. Leather based items should be cleaned with a specialist leather protection kit, as it will ensure that the leather does not degrade over the time it is in storage.

Final Thoughts

Packing items will never be a simple task; in fact it can be arduous at times. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to do successfully and make sure your items are protected in the process. Next time your packing items for self-storage pay attention to what is mentioned in this guide and odds are you won’t go far wrong.

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