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How to Prevent Rejection of Health Insurance Claims

In today’s time, if you have a health insurance policy, you are entitled to get easy access to the best of the medical treatment and also be financially sound.

During the tenor of a health insurance policy, if a medical emergency hits you, it guarantees peace of mind and ensures that you will get the best treatment. However, there are times that your health insurance claim can get rejected.

There may be many reasons why your health insurance policy may be denied, and this post will discuss some easy ways to avoid health insurance rejections.

1)    You/your family should fill the claim form

It is better a health insurance plan holder fills the claim form so that the scheme is not underwritten with incorrect or faulty details. Before submitting the claim documents to the insurer, the policyholder should also check if the details are correctly provided. When it comes to the health insurance claim form, people depend on agent/hospitals and sometimes, they fill wrong information leading to rejections.

2)    Read the terms and conditions of the scheme before buying

Policyholders should go through the entire terms and conditions of their health insurance plans at least once to know what’s included and what not. Policyholders don’t take the pain of going through the scheme related documents because they are written in a complicated manner with heavy usage of jargons. You may check online cases and review them that are rejected in the past and their possible rejection reasons.

3)    Disclose all facts in the health insurance plan     

If you have asthma and you provided the information about it while buying a policy, and if you get hospitalized for it, the company needs to accept your claim. However, make it a point to provide your health insurance service provider with correct details about your medical condition and avoid the rejections. Thus, even if you have some pre-existing condition which may not be covered immediately, it is not good hiding it from the insurance company.

4)    Opt for cashless claims

Most of the health insurance schemes come these days with cashless treatment. Many noted hospitals in your city may come the under the umbrella of the cashless treatment to ensure quality care during a medical emergency. When you put forward a claim, the hospital can get pre-approval for cashless claims. Like this, the amount needed for medical treatment is approved, and when the bill gets generated, the insurance company will not reject the claim.

5)    Opt for comprehensive health insurance policies

Try to avoid availing a health insurance plan with lower premiums as its many features may not be useful. Such lower premium based plans are typical of lesser usage as they are offered to complete sales target. Hence, due to a lower premium clause, you may not avail the benefits of the policy entirely. Thus, try to go for a comprehensive health insurance policy so that you may get the benefits of the scheme.

The Bottom Line

Availing a health insurance plan is good to help you enjoy a secured life. If you can consider the discussed tips, you can easily understand how to claim health insurance to avoid rejections. Good luck!


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