Importance of Proper Irrigation Services

Importance of Proper Irrigation Services

Irrigation is the supply of an adequate amount of water to the crops at regular intervals. It supplies water to the plants for their growth using proper hoses, ditches, sprinklers, and support structures.

The primary purpose of the irrigation services is to promote the growth of crops, maintenance of landscapes, and reduce the effects of inadequate rain. Irrigation services are also essential to supply the water to the drought-affected areas.



There are many natural sources of water, but we need the means to extract the water from these sources and supply it to the crops in the agricultural areas. Here we need efficient irrigation services and equipment. This post shares the importance of proper irrigation services in a country.

Growth of Crops

Crops need water for growth from the beginning. Farmers need moist soil for sowing the seeds. Most of the seeds need moist soil with proper temperature for germination. Inadequate irrigation or lack of rainfall leads to the improper growth of crops and drop in the yield. Therefore, adequate irrigation services are required for crop growth and sufficient yields to meet the needs of the population.

Multiple Cropping

It is possible to grow multiple crops in a year with the help of adequate irrigation services. In most countries, numerous crops are grown with a proper supply of water and use of fertilizers. Multiple cropping means higher yields and sufficient food supplies for the citizens. With proper maintenance of temperature, it is possible to grow the crops in the off–season.

Fertility of land



The soil with inadequate rainfall over the years becomes infertile and unsuitable for growing crops. Adequate watering maintains the fertility of soil and landscapes which provides a proper environment for agriculture. With the help of advanced irrigation systems, it is possible to supply water to the areas that receive low or negligible rainfall.

Drought-affected areas

Some areas receive very low rainfall or no rain for years that lead to drought and the landscapes lose their ability to produce crops. Droughts can also lead to a shortage of food supplies in several areas of a country. Adequate irrigation services help supply an adequate amount of water to maintain the fertility of soil and production of crops.

Economic growth of a country

Agriculture depends on the irrigation services in a country. As the employment and income is directly related to the agricultural yields produced in a year, the irrigation services contribute to the economy of a nation. Countries with adequate irrigation facilities in all areas produce high yields throughout the year that directly contributes to the growth of the economy.

Bringing land under cultivation



Some countries have unused land that is not used for any purpose. If a state wants to use any land for agriculture, it needs adequate watering. We need to make the new soil fertile by watering and fertilizers for growing crops. Irrigation can help to bring the unused land under cultivation to produce more crops and increase the agricultural yield.

Income of Farmers

Most of the farmers in a country depend mainly on the agriculture for running their households. Insufficient rainfall can lead to a drop in the agricultural yield that is the major issue of farmers living in such areas. Irrigation is essential for agriculture, and the income of farmers also depends on the irrigation services in their area.

Conservation of Water

The irrigation services in an area depend on the irrigation equipment and its use. The state governments need to provide adequate irrigation equipment to maintain the efficiency of water in an area. The use of advanced irrigation equipment helps the efficient watering of crops and uses less water thereby preventing the wastage of water.

Importance of irrigation equipment



The tradition watering systems are not sufficient to produce adequate yields of crops, and they use more water and flood the soil and roots of plants. The advanced irrigation systems help in the watering of plants by making proper use of water resources.

Irrigation equipment like sprinklers and drip irrigation provide with sufficient use of water for the growth of crops and prevent the wastage. They supply only the required amount of water that prevents the rotting of roots and arrival of pests and bugs due to excessive moisture.

Final Words

The points mentioned in this post clearly describe the importance of irrigation systems in a country. It is now possible to supply water to any part of the country with adequate irrigation services and equipment. Irrigation services not only help produce sufficient crop yields for the citizens but also support the farmers to run their households.

The income of some developing countries mainly depends on the agriculture that is why they need to maintain proper irrigation facilities. Knowing the importance of irrigation many countries have developed high tech irrigation systems to ensure sufficient water for agriculture in all areas.



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