Where and Why to Install Double Insulated Glass Panels in Commercial Buildings

In the last few years, the use of insulated glass panels in commercial buildings has become quite popular; this is because most contractors and business owners are looking for new ways of upgrading their business and making choices that are energy-friendly.

What is an Insulated Glass Panel? 

An Insulated Glass Panel is made of two panes of tempered glass which are separated by a space filled with a special gas, to provide insulation and make the window energy-efficient while keeping the interior of a building at a stable temperature.

This type of glass units is produced using glasses that are 3 to 10 mm thick; most commercial building contractors prefer laminated or tempered glass.

Insulated Glass windows have good thermal and sound insulation properties; they are capable of reducing the total monthly energy usage by 24 percent in winter months and 18 percent during summer. However, to get the maximum result, you must be willing to replace all failing windows in your commercial building and not just one.

Where are Double Insulated Glass Panels installed?

Double insulated glass panels are created to replace existing windows. Usually, in a commercial building, heating, and cooling increase the entire energy cost and most times energy is lost through the Window. However, replacing your Window with an insulated glass panel helps to reduce your energy cost and increase energy efficiency. Also, windows facing south that see the most of sun exposure may require a different type of coating from those facing towards the North.

Where are Double Insulated Glass

Components of an Insulated glass panel

An insulated glass window is made of the following elements

  • Glass: Most commercial building contractors use thicker glasses to ensure efficiency. Others use tempered or laminated glass for safety and strength while there are people who do the extra mile to use three panes glass in areas where further sound insulation is required.
  • Spacer: A spacer is also an important component of an Insulated glass panel. It is used to separates the two glass panes; it also helps to absorb moisture and prevents fogging.
  • Window Frame: Window Frames are also vital components of Insulated glass; they help to prevent heat loss.
  • Gas: Glass is also a vital element used in insulated glass.

Benefits of Insulated Glass Panels in commercial buildings

  • Energy Efficiency: Insulated glass panels in commercial buildings are the right solution to energy efficiency; it prevents heat from passing through the glass due to its thermal insulation property. With this type of Window, energy is preserved while maintaining the interior temperature.
  • Saves Cost: Insulated Glass windows ensure energy efficiency, thereby saving lots of money that would have been spent on heating and cooling.
  • Better sound Insulation: Double insulated glass windows make use of two panes of glass which provides better sound insulation, especially in crowded commercial buildings and high traffic areas.
  • Flexibility: Building contractors interested in installing an insulated glass can also choose from a wide range of options. From touched glass, laminated glass, reflective glass, pattern glass and heat glass, the options are unlimited.
  • Safety: Insulated glass windows are also considered to be safe against burglary; this is because the unit is tightly sealed and difficult to break from the outside.
  • Protects the furniture: Insulated Glass windows also protect the furniture such as carpets, curtains, chairs against sun rays and prevent them from fading easily due to impact from direct sunlight
  • Controls the inside temperature: Double insulated glass panel is effective in all types of weathers. During winter, it stops heat from escaping out of the property, at summer to keeps the room warm. Whether you want to home security cameras to be warm or cool, this window serves dual purposes.
  • Eliminate the Need for Storm Windows: This type of window also eliminates the need for storm window and the task involved in taking down storm window each spring season. They provide extra protection to the building.

How to install an insulated glass window

Installing an insulated glass window in a commercial building doesn’t have to cost much, with these simple steps you can get your office window replaced with insulated glass window

Step 1: Remove the old Window from the frame including the casing, plate, and trim

Step 2: Prepare the space for a new window by cleaning the opening and removing all dirt.

Step 3: Replace all damaged material

Step 4: Ensure the opening is level, and resize to accommodate the new Window

Step 5: Install the Window using the manufactures guide and adjust until it fits perfectly well

Step 6: Spray any gap surrounding the window frame then replace the trim, and casing

Finally, the potentials and benefits of double insulated glass windows are enormous. From noise reduction, cost-saving, energy efficiency, and the flexibility it offers, insulated glass panels is a must have for all commercial building owners.

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