Is WordPress Good for SEO?

It is known that since the last decade, the importance of the SEO has become the highest factor to consider making your business or product visible on the internet, which is important to keep your good rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s), and eventually among the customers. For that matter, normally various website building platform is used those are SEO occupied like Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy, and of course WordPress. Naturally, WordPress has become the top choice of the people as it is quite SEO friendly and helps to improve your WordPress SEO for sure.

Below-mentioned are some of the most important features that make a WordPress one of the most used website building platforms than others are;

  • Not an expert in web designing, do not worry, WordPress has everything!

WordPress offers various built-in user-friendly features that help to boom your business and develop your rankings in Google Search Engines. But for that you do not need to have expert hands-on, a little experience in web designing is sufficient to use a WordPress. Building a website is much faster with WordPress as compared to other web building software; also it is not required to have a thorough knowledge of everything while uploading content or images. These features save your time and money considerably.

  • Content, Site, and Permalink Structure:

The categorization of the content created by you is well organized into pages, tags, blogs posts, and blog categories. You just need to mention the type of content in the blog post or a page with the proper category. Also, assign appropriate tags which indicate the in all summery of your blog post.

The structure of Permalink is also a useful one while doing SEO. WordPress has a special feature that permits a user to directly edit the structure of the permalink by making a use of Parent pages. So, it becomes very easy to change the structure of permalink for your blog post, which helps in dragging the attention of Google search engine which as a result helps to improve your WordPress SEO as well.

  • WordPress Themes are SEO Friendly:

It is important when you are beginning with the website designing to choose a WordPress Theme, known as Template. Make a choice of WordPress Theme wisely as it is possible that one SEO theme is faster than other, and speed is considered one of the factors in the Google Search Engine. You can use the Genesis Framework which is highly used by WordPress expertise.

Make sure the theme you are going to use is mobile friendly, safe and secure, HTML5, and which must be created by using a well-optimized code.

  • SEO Plug-ins are useful:

There is one of the best and most used SEO plug-ins and those are Yoast SEO and All in one SEO Pack. The two plug-ins offer different and powerful features on their own. Let us find out those features respectively;

Yoast SEO:                                                                                 All in one SEO:

-Google Preview                                                                           – Advanced Canonical URL

-Full control over the site                                                           -XML support to the sitemap

-Canonical URL’s                                                                           -Google AMP support


  • Faster Site Speed:

The ranking is the important factor in every website businesses; ranking can develop your business or ruin your business as well. Google search engine considers different factors while ranking a website, and Speed is among the most important factor which is important to be taken care by website developers and maintenance department. WordPress offers faster time while loading content and which can become speedier by using particular plug-ins offered by WordPress. Loading time may change as per the various types of templates which are being used for web pages and blogs. Plug-ins are developed to enhance the speed of the site is WP Super Cache plug-in.

  • Crawling becomes easier for search engine:

WordPress has features like link structure and easier framework those are known to Google search engines which makes your website more visible as search engines finds it easier to crawl with bots. Also, bots can easily notice your website, and ranking can be done with ease.

  • Convenient customization of Metadata:

Customization of every page for proper SEO is possible with the WordPress and its templates offering a cleaner code. It becomes convenient by using WordPress to give a unique name to your Meta descriptions, title tags, and URL which can be linked with the keywords those are going to be searched by your targeted viewers. There aresome plug-ins which allowyou to have a customized structure for the website you are going to design.

  • WordPress Site Optimization:

There are various factors that need to be taken care of once you have used multiple features of WordPress, those are listed below;

  • Use plug-ins which helps you to check whether you are not missing any key components.
  • In order to make your pages visible on a faster sped, provision of crawler’s access to your XML sitemaps.
  • Do not forget to check whether every page has a different and unique title tag and Meta description.
  • It is important that you keep watch on your leads and visits, for that you must use Google Analytics which may help to enhance visit-to-lead ratio as well.
  • You can use Google analytics to find new and unique ideas of content.

The above-mentioned features are just a few, rather WordPress has numbers of features help to improve your WordPress SEO, are developed with a thought of helping out people building a website with a less amount of efforts, less amount of time and which helps to save time as well. Most importantly, WordPress let you try your hands on building a website, though you are not an expert in doing it with its efficient and user-friendly features and plug-ins.

While concluding, indeed WordPress is the best and widely used platform to build an effective and attractive website which meets all the factors considered by Google search engine while ranking and to maintain a good position in SERP’s.

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