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Loyalty to Prospects by Content and how it Works

Loyalty leads to Lead Nurturing. You probably know their avatars: marketing automation, auto-response, and drip marketing … These techniques are based on a carefully studied content strategy. Customized content. Who respects the engagement path of the targets? In the end, it’s about developing content to sell.

This often involves automating the sending of sequential emails to the prospect, on selected topics. In a logical sequence. Who also respects the decision-making path? The purpose of these email reminders is to prepare them, document them upstream at the sales phase.

50% of prospects who are considered potential customers are actually not ready to buy when they are asked.

How to retain prospects by the content?

Retaining leads is a very expensive concept for inbound marketing. It’s about getting unsolicited attention from targets, and developing content to accompany them along the way.

According to the research, 50% of prospects who are considered potential customers are actually not ready to buy when they are asked. Salespeople intervene too early in the relationship.

It is therefore useless to push them systematically to make a decision. We risk losing them forever! This is where l ead nurturing comes in , to progressively support prospects towards a purchase decision. Moreover, lead nurturing e-mails have response rates 4 to 10 times higher than unsolicited e-mails.

To succeed in a lead nurturing campaign, there are 3 basic principles: to make a quick contact, maintain the memory and get in touch with the prospects. Needless to say, lead nurturing is efficient when it relies on the opt-in. The quality of the database, the commitment of the list is decisive in the strategy that you will put in place.

66% of buyers indicate that strong and relevant communication from commercial and marketing organizations is a decisive factor in their choice of supplier.

Get in touch quickly

Once the prospect has come into contact with you, automated companion messages are the best way to engage and maintain the relationship. Newsletter, white paper … any acquisition campaign must be accompanied by a loyalty strategy.

From then on the marketing enters in collaboration (and not in competition) with the salesmen. In fact, 35 to 50% of sales traditionally go back to the sales teams that respond first. Establishing a quick contact is the key to connecting with prospects. Inbound, it is often the marketing which, first, ensures the relay. In any case, in the early stages of the journey.

Content engraved in the memory of prospects

People buy more easily when they know and trust. However, it is very unlikely that this is the case from the first visit to your site. Indeed at this stage, the prospect does not know you and does not understand why he should close a deal with you. With lead nurturing, you can maintain strong communication with prospects. Through useful, inspiring content. Adapted to the purchase path. At each stage, correspond messages, formats. To gradually bring them to the purchase.

Learn to know your prospects

Prospect retention emails are a great way to get to know them better. Find out what products interest them and what their needs, challenges, current issues are. Send them different types of content. And vary the angles of treatment. The SONCAS method can help you articulate a series of messages. And to identify the attitudes of the leads.

In a loyalty campaign for an e-commerce appliance … A prospect downloads an information sheet on an electric heater, energy efficient. The e-mail reminder will contain a series of e-mails on energy saving, alternative modes of heating to electric, different technologies in electric heating more energy-efficient, a promotion on some heating systems with low consumption, a reminder of the systems he clicked in the previous email (if he did not buy), etc.

Loyalty prospects in a ROI perspective

The e-mail stimulus must no longer convince as sales technique. The method is also infallible for retaining prospects. It offers even more benefits than sending a single e-mail. With the lead nurturing you send sequences of messages on a chosen theme. The contents are useful for the prospect. And relevant, since the brand is prescriptive on these topics. In short, the benefits are many:

The guarantee of seizing conversion opportunities

With mass email marketing, there is a risk that you will not be connected to prospects when they are ready to conclude. Prospect retention campaigns can work around this problem. By staying in touch with the prospect, you are sure to be there at the right time.

Process automation and time saving

One of the major advantages of lead nurturing is automation. Once in place, email recovery is done automatically, depending on the designed scenario and new incoming prospects. Lead nurturing thus considerably reduces the conversion path for salespeople.

Much more effective targeting and better results

With lead nurturing, you link a series of e-mails to a specific theme or a conversion event. This allows you to segment and target the needs based on the messages. A much more effective method than mass e-mailing, according to studies.


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