Maharajas’ Express is India’s most expensive and the famous luxury train which covers popular tourist destinations of North-West and Central India.

This captivating luxury train in India houses different opulent royal suites and deluxe cabins for travelers to choose from. The arrangements and facilities provided in Maharajas’ Express are so lavish and royal mannered.

Traveling on Maharajas’ Express is like a royal treat on wheels with all facilities and amenities such as restaurant, bar, lounge, dining, guest cabins, and rooms with live television, wifi connectivity, attached bathrooms etc a lot. Now, its time to know about some heritage sites that are covered by Maharajas’ Express.


The name itself sounds the architectural significance of Mughals and one of them is the Taj Mahal. You will be dispatched at Agra by Maharajas to see the beautiful marble wonder the Taj Mahal, sightseeing tours of Agra like Fatehpur Sikri, Itmad-Ud-daulah’s tomb, Agra Fort etc. And the best activity can be done here is shopping in Agra local bazaars.

Here you can gather many things like souvenirs, crafts, jewelry, clothes, etc in the bazaars of Agra. Not only these, there is a lot to see and enjoy in Agra. In the itineraries of Maharajas, Agra is the most rated and famous destination.


Khajuraho is a well-known place for the medieval period of monuments and mostly temples. The temples of Khajuraho are the best examples of artistic creativity and architectural skills. The main attraction of these temples is depicting the architectural work through eroticism in a spiritual way.

The reason behind of numerous temples at a place is, the rulers of Chandellas has a tradition, that they should build at least a temple in every ruler lifetime. Due to this belief, a large number of temples are sited in Khajuraho. However, travel to Khajuraho UNESCO heritage site through Maharajas’ is the best moment.

Ellora Caves:

Ellora Caves is one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites in India dating back of 6th and the 10th century. These caves are the symbol of civilization in olden days through impressive architectural works, paintings, and frescos. Totally, there are 34 cave temples dedicated to Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism etc.

The main attraction of Ellora caves is the Kailasa Temple, it is the largest rock-cut cave from single rock dedicated to Lord Shiva. All cave temples of Ellora are a perfect blend of architecture and arts. Paintings of Ellora is the main reason for receiving more number of tourists.

Ajanta Caves:

Ajanta Caves is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Aurangabad, Maharashtra dating back the 2nd century. The 30 cave temples are completely dedicated to Buddhism well-known for Indian arts. Each temple of Ajanta is a perfect reflection of paintings, sculptures, and Jataka stories of Buddhism.

The utmost importance caves of Ajanta are 1,2,4,9, and 10. All these temples are decorated with murals, carvings, immense structures, inscriptions, paintings etc. And the 300 variation paintings of cave 10 is very famous among them. According to a Scholar, Ajanta caves were used for education, residence, and spirituality of that time.


The given four heritages sites are a part of different itineraries of Maharaja Express train which are the best destinations to memorize our Indian arts and culture. Like this, you can catch up many attractions of Rajasthan, North-West, and Central India tourist destinations with Maharajas’ Express.


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