Regular Transmission Service

Transmission service is routine maintenance of the car in which car’s transmission is checked. In this service, the performance of transmission fluid flush and filter exchange is checked. There are many reasons for availing transmission service. Some of the reasons that call for transmission service are described here.

Regular Transmission Service
Regular Transmission Service
  • Gear shifting is trouble then it is a sign calling for transmission service.
  • Gear is slipping from its place, then go for transmission service.
  • Leakage of fluid demands transmission service.
  • Vehicle not working properly seek transmission service.
  • The smell of burning is an indication of transmission service.
  • Sound like grinding, whining, clunking, shaking, etc. calls for transmission service.

If a car owner is facing one or more of these problems, then the vehicle has a transmission problem. The transmission is a vehicle consists of 800 parts and an expert mechanic is needed to resolve all the issues so that the vehicle can be driven without any problem.

What is transmission service?

Transmission fluid works in the same way as the blood in the human body. The working of transmission depends on whether the car has automatic or manual transmission. In the case of the manual transmission, its maintenance is easy because it consists of fluid flush and exchange. Many more components are added in the automatic transmission besides fluid flush and exchange and these components include filter and gasket pan.

Types of services included in transmission service

The following services are included under the transmission service.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

The function of transmission gears is to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission helps in shifting the gears to provide efficiency to the speed of the vehicle. Transmission fluid is included in the gear, which acts as a lubricant and cools the gear during shifts. As the time passes, the lubricating feature of the fluid diminishes. In order to save the transmission from premature wear and damage. The fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals.

Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill

One of the functions of transmission fluid is to lubricate the gears and other parts of the transmission. Another function is that it has to maintain the hydraulic pressure so that the transmission can work smoothly. During the process, many things are added in the fluid and diminish its efficiency. In such a case, the transmission fill and the drain plug are cleaned and the fluid is changed.

Automatic Transfer Filter Replacement

The automatic transmission filter has the function of filtering the transmission fluid by removing the dirt and contaminants. In this service, the transmission pan is removed and then the old transmission filter is replaced by a new one. The old gasket material is also removed and replaced with a new gasket. The next step is that the transmission pan is reinstalled. After this, new transmission fluid is filled.

Manual Transmission Service

In the case of the manual transmission, the fluid lubricates gears, shaft, bearings, and other internal components of the transmission. Heat and friction produced by changing the gears, insert the additives in the fluid. Small particles of the gear come off the gear and lead to its wear and damage. This also contaminates the fluid and reduces its efficiency. In this service, the old fluid is removed, and the new fluid is filled.

How often this service is needed?

The cars vary according to the model, so users have to check the user manual in order to know about the transmission and when its servicing is needed. It has been estimated that the fluid should be replaced after every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.


The main portion of the transmission service is to remove the old fluid and replace it with the new one. If the car is not serviced on time, then the gear also wears out. In such a case, the whole transmission has to be replaced which is a costly affair.

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