Mumbai The Magnificent City Of Dreams

Mumbai previously known as Bombay, it is a diverse and vibrant city of India. It is a residence of about 1.25 million people and one of the largest city in India. Ranging from hidden temples, colonial-era architecture, exceptional bazaars and the foremost nightlife, it offers almost all the things to experience to the tourist. It has some famous attractions like Chowpatty Beach, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Elephanta Island and various others. Thousands of visitors visit every day across the world to experience the beauty of this magnificent city. If you want to visit then you can book cheap flights from Los Angeles to Mumbai.

Best time to visit Mumbai

Mostly the tourists visit during the winters from November to February. Because all year round the city has high temperatures, and the winter season brings relief with the chilling evenings. You can celebrate Christmas in December and the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in February. In the winter season pack your plenty clothes for the evenings. In the summer season, a visit to Chowpatty Beach will make your trip most beautiful. During this time, you can participate in a lot of events like night treks on Garbett Plateau and adventure Mania Andheri from May to June.

Weather & Climate in Mumbai

The hottest month in Mumbai is May with the temperature of 30°C and the coldest month is January with 24°C. July is the wettest month with an average of 640mm of rain. And for swimming in the sea, June is the best month with about 30°C sea temperature.


Mumbai is world famous as India’s financial powerhouse and also the epicentre of the fashion industry. The active urban centre will attract a lot of visitors for its various hidden treasures, which makes this place one of the leading tourist destinations.

Additionally, It is also known as India’s entertainment capital because it is a residence of the Hindi Film Industry which is called as Bollywood. You can visit the artistic side of this Indian destination like National Centre for the Performing Arts, Royal Opera House and Liberty Cinema.

Main Attractions In Mumbai

It is also notable for its architectural structures and a large number of various attractions like Gateway to India, Elephanta Island it is a cave temple which is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, and the Flora Fountain.

If you visit the beauty of nature then Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Maharashtra National Park and Forest Park are the best options.

And the best one is Marine Drive, it is a most visited place of Mumbai. It is also notable as the Queen’s Necklace. Here you can spend your leisure on the sea coastline by enjoying its breeze. Others are Aksa Beach, Marve Beach & Girgaon Chowpatty.

Why visit Mumbai?

Here you will relish the delicious tasty delights like chicken tikka masala and samosas. This city is popular for its South Indian Dishes. You can enjoy dishes from these popular eateries like Delhi Darbar and Masala Kraft.

It is also a hub for shopping. Here you can find every range of clothing, accessorize and anything. From branded store to designer outlets and the local market as well. And at last, it provides you with the amazing nightlife. This city Never Sleep. The large number of lounges, bars, pubs and hotels are open 24*7.

Mumbai is one of the most visited destinations which grabs the attention of tourist across the world, so if you are planning to visit India then must add India on your list.

Keep Travelling!

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