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New IT Updates to swoon over India

India has come to the fourth level of ranking in the world due to its business moves this year. The latest information technology news on Java, NetApp partners, video conferencing and Microsoft etc are important today. For example, what is for the developers in android P i.e machine learning and greater app compatibility get attention in the tool for Google developer?

Artificial Intelligence Initiative launched by Microsoft

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There are people who have got disabilities. Microsoft has announced that it will launch an artificial intelligence based accessibility, specially designed for the disabled citizens. This is an initiative to build a better technology for the people who are disabled. The translation tool helps the deaf individual to have a real conversation. Such tools can also have a free smartphone app which actually uses the computer vision and narrative in order to navigate those citizens who are blind or are having low vision. This opportunity of artificial intelligence domain addresses the problem faced by affected people and actually focuses on building the social good for disabled people around. Certain concerns have been aroused like software formulas can actually at times amplify on racial and gender basis.

Smart compose for Gmail

This is a feature developed by Google which works in the background. An email can be written normally. The feature smart compose will give suggestions to write another type of email. If an individual chooses to use that suggestion, then it can be used while framing the email. If the individual wishes to continue the writing as per their writing style, they can continue the same. This feature is an extension to the “smart reply” feature which was launched previously. This feature is beneficial in the sense that it saves time by deleting back on the repetitive writing and hence reducing the chances of mistakes in terms of grammar and spelling. This feature will be launched in a couple of weeks. This feature will appear as “try new Gmail” for the consumers.

Google Assistant to be embedded in Volvo

This is a new advanced feature which is functioned in Volvo. This includes involvement of Google assistant. The Volvo owners can make use of Google assistant and control certain features in-car functions like playing music, air conditioning, navigating and heating. The facility of sending messages can also be done by instructing to the Google Assistant. The Google map will always keep the driver informed about the estimated time to arrive, the presence of traffic on the route, different available route for the same destination. This feature will help in the advancement and development of the applications and also the connected services.

Privacy protection while using the technologies

In today’s world maintaining privacy is a very big question and it is actually every individual’s right. A lot of technology companies are revitalizing or updating their privacy policy after the Facebook analytics scandal. The protection is done by encrypting it. A lot of information or the significant information will be placed on the device only so that the user has complete control over it. Apple has a strict policy and guidelines which the app developers have to follow, in case they fail to follow the guidelines, they are removed from the app store.

Data mining caps which monitor emotions and brain activity

There are certain types of data mining caps which have been developed and actually control emotions and brain activity. This can control the productivity level of the individual. There are actually lightweight sensors which are concealed inside the uniform caps or helmets which continuously monitors the brainwaves of the wearer. This information is sent to the computers across and it is used by the team for monitoring. This feature helps to keep a tab on all types of emotional feeling of the worker like anger, anxiety, rage and surprisingly even depression can be monitored. It is available for the whole world but currently, it is used in China mainly. The train drivers who use this can be monitored regularly. Their brain activities like the amount of fatigue and loss of attention can also be monitored.

App launched to reduce tech stress

A new tool has been introduced in the Android software which actually runs most of the mobile phones in the world. This app can notify the users about the amount of stress they are taking. It also limits the time which they set for themselves and also their families. Thus the critics have set up a rule for the technology companies to stop the spread of the misinformation and improve the data protection. Also, play a very important role in stopping app addiction. Google maps have also been launched which can give dining suggestions by learning the habits of the individuals. The location of the individuals can also be traced by the use of smartphone cameras in order to assess their surroundings.

India can stand at one of the top positions only when it is ready to take challenges from the outside world. In order to make our country India a better place to stay and on a level with other developed countries, IT growth is a must. These challenges maintain the momentum of India to be in the higher ranking compared the countries in the world. This is achievable only when IT updates are there in India. The latest information technology news which has to be followed and corrected by any country to make it successful and eventually growth.

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