Online Games: A Gift of the Internet

Online Games: A Gift of the Internet

Online Games: A Gift of the Internet

The Web; the network of all networks; is the worldwide connection of PCs.. Since the innovation of the Web it has presented us with different facilities.It has connected one corner of the world to the other and has facilitated communication making it easier, simpler and cheaper. Before the innovation of the internet, communication from one part of the world to the other part was not as simple as it is now. Internet or something similar was a dream at that time.

Since the internet came into commercial worldwide use, it has provided us different gifts such as, emails, efaxes, chats, messaging, networks and so on. Apart from facilitating communication, the internet has also provided us new mediums to entertain ourselves.


The connectivity feature of the internet is well utilized by the online games. Before the existence of internet, gaming was done in single computers or wire connected networks. But now the internet has provided us wireless mediums to connect and play games in the online world. The internet breaks the barrier that separated gamers from halfway across the world to compete and play online games with each other. Multiplayer gaming was a luxury back then but since the rise of the internet it is a daily routine for many game fans. A robust internet connection ensures gamers to easily join online multiplayer games and play with others no matter where in the world they currently reside. A gamer from China can easily connect ot the internet, then load up a game with a multiplayer function and start playing with someone in the States. This is what online multiplayer gaming is all about.


Several types of games are available on the internet. There are free ones line Runescape and others are subscription based like World of Warcraft. One of the very popular yet simple type of games available on the internet are flash games. They are widely distributed games which are available in thousands of flash games portals. They are also supported by almost any computer configuration and do not have a high GPU/CPU requirement.

They are also small in file size making their loading time quick and one of the important reasons behind their popularity is that most of them are free to play. This attracts a large number of gamers and understanding this high demand, large numbers of flash games are produced every year. It is speculated that around ten thousand flash games are produced and released in the last year alone. This is a really big number. The figures show how huge the flash games industry and the whole internet gaming industry is. In addition to this, the figures are rising every year.


By looking at the growth figures of flash games, it is quite obvious that the internet websites where these are hosted are also available in large numbers. The number of such playable games portal cannot be counted but it can be said that there are hundreds of thousands of those pages. New web portals featuring flash games are also coming out every day making the availability of flash games really high. One can easily do a search for flash games and see the large number of results. Those hundreds of thousands of results are all flash games for gamers to play online. Millions of gamers are enjoying flash games daily and they have a lot of choices when it comes to the game they want to play and where or which website they want to play at.


So, since the internet was accepted for wide scale use it has brought a new meaning to the word gaming. Gaming online is what is popular these days. So every new game released has an online multiplayer option. Whether it is a pc game or an X-box, PS3 game, they all can be played online if they have the multiplayer feature which probably all of them will have. People play such games from their homes, schools and even work places. This shows that the demand is high and in order to meet such high demands the games are produced all the time even though they require a high production budget. All this is indicating that the games industry will always continue to grow for years to come.


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