Oppo mobile offer

Powered by the 2.5 GHz Octa-Core Processor, Oppo F5 Youth smartphone is capable of running most of the highly engaging and sophisticated applications without much hassles. Especially for enhancing the games which require higher graphics, the phone has a dedicated Game Acceleration mode. Turning on this mode will transform the phone’s software and hardware to entirely focus on optimizing the potential required for that particular game. Under this mode – you will get four enhanced features. These are namely – Smoothness Optimization, Networking Protection, Mistouches Prevention, and No Disturbance.

Oppo mobile offer

An Immersive Overall Experience

  • Continuing with the same AI-enabled front camera, the Color OS installed in the phone is expected to increase the quick launch of applications by almost 23%.
  • For that secret selfie enthusiast in you, the Oppo F5 Youth delivers amazingly with Beauty Technology installed in the front camera. According to this, the phone is capable of scanning almost more than 200 spots on your face which are known as recognition points.
  • The AI works powerfully in the selfie camera is able to determine all the essential recognition points like gender, tone and type of skin, and even age – all of which is stored in its database. All the points are then beautifully modified with filters to produce a brighter and personally optimized selfie.
  • The front camera has gone even deeper with the depth effect. It enables you to blur the background while clicking a selfie and focusses the entire attention on the main subject – your face. This was only available in DSLRs earlier which is a great addition for a budget phone at Rs. 11999.
  • Talking about the rear view camera which is of 13 Megapixels, it has an in-built feature giving an Ultra HD experience. These features are wonderfully visible in sufficient lighting. However, when there is a night shoot or low lighting, the quality degrades a little bit.
  • The aspect ratio of 18:9 is a great advancement to give an immersive viewing experience with its narrow top and bottom bezels. While watching videos and movies, the display enthralls you in every possible way.
  • The facial detection feature for unlocking the phone is quite impressive with the speed and is authentic even if there is low lighting.
  • Talking about the storage and RAM, the phone is efficiently equipped with 3 GB and 32 GB respectively. The phone has the slot for Micro SD for expanding the storage up to 256 GB. You also don’t have to put out the SIM if you want to insert Micro SD card, unlike some other phones.
  • The battery backup is also commendable with 3200 milli-Ampere-hours (mAh). It can go for long durations with a single charge despite the data network turned on and calling for about 2-3 hours lasting about 3 minutes. This also includes Facebook browsing, camera clicks and some other background applications. Although it still uses data cable micro USB for charging, and doesn’t support dash charging technology.
  • The Color OS does give many options to customize your home screen. It includes slide shows, features to clone applications and navigating to notification.

Shop for Oppo F5 Youth with EMI Network Card

Smartphone on emi

Now you can purchase such phones under Rs. 12000 with a simple swipe of an EMI Card. What is an EMI card, you ask?

  • You can divide your amount in easy instalments from three to twenty-four months.
  • You can use it for both online and offline shopping.
  • You only have to pay a small amount of Rs. 399 for availing it (for existing customers by logging in the customer portal Experia)
  • You can also avail it in any of the partner stores by filling up some information.

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