No doubt there are many times when we go on a journey or tour but we forget to keep the important thing which we think are not that much essential. This is the reason why most of the people realize their mistake after their arrival on a totally unknown space and destination. When you decide to go for a holy pilgrimage your full devotion needs to be towards the time you spend in the worship of Allah and fulfilling the rituals of that pilgrimage properly and significantly. Because Muslims travel from all around the world to Saudi Arabia for becoming the guest of Allah Almighty and no one would want to feel depressed just because they haven’t brought the essential stuff especially during Hajj there is no time to think about what have you forget once you start thinking about the stuff which is not present your concentration level declines. For all those who want to perform Hajj 2019 or in coming years, must need to see this checklist of all the essential things you might require for feeling relaxed during the pilgrimage.

So for this, I have divided the checklist of hajj into three categories, by following these simple categories you will be able to make your packing for your Hajj journey less ambiguous.

The Essential Ones

Now, this is the category which involves all that stuff which allows you to travel freely without any issue and without these things you can’t even travel for Hajj.


While you decide to go on Hajj in 2019 or in coming years, the most important stuff are all those documents which you may need to carry with you is for traveling. These documents include passport, identity card, tickets, and the vaccination record. If you are traveling from a non-muslim state like UK or U.S, then you need to keep the Shahadah Certificate to prove that you are Muslim. Now one more thing is the Islamic will, you need to keep a copy of your Islamic will with you as well.


This is the second most important thing because when you step into Haram you have to wore Ihram. For men and women, ihram is particularly different, women wear a gown as ihram and keep their face uncovered but men have to wear the sheets which are not stitched. So you need to figure out that your ihram is resting in your suitcase when you leave for a flight.


You need to keep the Saudi riyals and your debit or credit cards as well. Keeping the cash is very important while you travel anywhere and when you travel to the holiest place on earth you need to keep some cash as you might not be able to convert them again and find the currency exchange conveniently.

Hotel details

While you reach your destination the first thing you will be asked there is the hotel detail and the proper room details as well. When the receptionist will tell you about it make sure you keep the card or the keys of your room in your wallet and the next thing is that make sure you know the actual location of the room.


Well, the most inappropriate perception is that smartphone should be there only in the hand of a single group member and that’s it. When you go to hajj there are millions of people who are there for performing the same rituals and you never know when the situation could become worse due to rush and hassle. For this purpose, all the linked people must have the connection and proper communication this is the only way you can avoid being lost in the crowd.

Important Ones

This is the category which includes all the things which you should have to avoid the worse situations during Hajj.

Hajj guide book

There has to be an Islamic resource for telling you the things which are not properly clear to you. Just buy yourself a Hajj guide and read it for the proper knowledge and then manage yourself accordingly. This guide won’t let you get stuck in any situation so you must have it for better performance during Hajj.


Another thing is that your medicine (if you are taking one) and the medical reports are very important, you can never guess if the medicine you are using is available in Saudi Arabia and in the hassle of Hajj, there is a chance that you might not be able to search the markets. So keep your medicines with you.


Then comes the prescription, in case if your dose ends and then you don’t have any more left, you can always use the prescription to get the medicine or the remedies for it. This is the reason why most of the people carry their prescription with themselves during traveling.

The Third Category

This is the C category where you need to keep this stuff for making your Hajj comfortable and less hectic.

Preserved food

Well, most of the people have the issue of low blood pressure or diabetes when such people travel there is a greater chance that they might face weakness. For such people, the most important thing to keep is the preserved food so that they might not face any issue during the flight and then they can get more form Mecca or Medina or from the airport.

First aid box

No doubt that there will be a first aid box in all the hotels but still what’s wrong in making your own first aid box, which is going to have all the important things as per your requirements and needs. For instance, most of the people have Asthma so they can keep their breathing pumps as well.

These were the essential things which you need to carry for your Hajj journey for the coming years. We have made this list with their significance of all the stuff as well, so that you can also make a proper comparison and keep them accordingly. May Allah give us all a chance to visit the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.


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