Places to be visited in Bikaner through Maharaja’s Express

Bikaner is like the gateway to the Thar desert and also a famous tourist destination in Rajasthan. Due to the exquisite places and attractions, Bikaner has become one of the places in the itinerary of Maharaja’s Express.

Let’s known some major attractions of Bikaner to see and enjoy when you visit Bikaner.

Junagarh Fort:

It is an imperial fort of Bikaner built by Raja Rai Singh in the 16thcentury. Junagarh is a perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles with detailed carvings, ceilings, wall paintings, stone inlay works, and latticework. This majestic fort comprises of numerous palaces, temples, and pavilions which are like a showcase of an architectural blend of the fort.

Deshnok Temple:

Deshnok is a well-known temple in Bikaner dedicated to Karni Mata and it was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the earlier of the 20thcentury. This temple architectural style resembles the Mughal style. Deshnok receives a large number of devotees every day but on Navaratri season it will be doubled.

Here you can see numerous rats, in count means nearly 20,000. A story says that Karni Mata’s died children were reincarnated as rats when she praised Yama a lot. If you find white rats you will be the lucky person because they are very sacred rats according to the beliefs of the people. On Day 5, you will reach Bikaner through World’s leading Maharajas Express train and explore the Deshnok temple.

Bhandasar Jain Temple:

Bhandasar Jain temple is the oldest temple in Bikaner in the 15thcentury and also one of the famous Jain temples in India. It is known for its unique architectural styles. This Jain temple was completely made of red sandstone and decorated with beautiful mirror work, frescoes, and leaf paintings.

The marble pillars of the temple reflect the lives of the 24 Tirthankars which are the best to visualize the architectural styles. An interesting thing about the construction is, it was completely built with ghee instead of mortar. Locals say that they will observe a small flow from the walls during the summer.

Lalgarh Palace:

Lalgarh Palace is the most visited place in Bikaner and the architectural style followed by the palace is Indo-Saracenic style. This palace was divided into wings and they are totally 4. This majestic palace comprises guest suites, pavilions, cupolas, drawing rooms, etc.

This palace is famous for its largest dining room with a capacity of 400 members. The famous wings of Lalgarh palace are Laxmi Niwas the first wing and the Karni Niwas wing with an art decor indoor swimming pool which is the most visited wing by tourists.

Gajner Palace:

Gajner is a beautiful palace alongside Gajner lake built by HH Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh. At one time this palace was treated as a haunting resort for the British Raj and later it was converted into a heritage hotel. Gajner is the best heritage hotel in Bikaner with well-furnished rooms and decors. This hotel houses 13 Historic Suites and 13 Deluxe rooms. And finally, recreational activities provided here are cycling, boating, lawn tennis, and wildlife watching.

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary:

Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is the must visit place near the Gajner Palace. Here you can see many wildlife animals like wild fowls, antelopes, foxes, blackbucks, and Nilgai etc. Due to a very pleasant lake, many migratory birds visit this sanctuary during the winter months. Tourists are offered here are for camel safari, sightseeing tour, jeep safari, and nature walk.

 Maharajas Express train

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