SEO Benefits of Live Videos - Digital Marketing

SEO Benefits of Live Videos – Digital Marketing

 Brands and businesses have always tried to interact with the audience on a personal level. The need to personify the brand identity was realized long back, but the avenues to do so have been evolving. While in the recent past digital marketing had been driven through social media, it has now transcended to live video. Live video induces a unique interest in the audience. Does it really benefit in optimizing brands and businesses for search engines? The SEO benefits of live video can be summarized as below.

Engaging Content

Video content is generally preferred overwritten or static content. The essence of this kind of content is that it can be remembered easily by the viewer; it is easier to grasp and way more engaging than any other form of content. Live streaming can help drive a two-way communication for brands, where feedbacks and recommendations can be shared transparently with their audience.

 Pre-scheduled posts on Twitter or other social media can also drive users to join live streaming. Alternately, users can be motivated to tag friends and family to join the live video on platforms like Facebook.


The benefits of live video cannot be understated in achieving a larger reach. Live streaming of videos has the potential to reach out to a large number of users worldwide, defying geographical boundaries.  More people may chance upon your brand and learn about it and all of that in real time. Live videos also have a live chat feature, where users can post their comments and other viewers can see it too. For example, if you post a video describing the product details and tips on how to use it, your audience can ask questions and doubts related to the product in real time. This leads to more quality interaction.


This is one of the most important benefits of live video. The feature of live demonstrations imparts a sense of transparency and accountability to the viewers. Over 70 percent of the marketers have claimed that a video has performed better than other content and led to more number of conversions. You can incentivize your customers by offering them live offers or discounts. These kinds of conversions can help in creating a better image of your brand and ultimately help in building audience trust. Live videos are loved by search engines and also form a part of the video SEO strategy that brands use to promote their YouTube channels.

Customer Service

Using this as an avenue for customer service can make the life of your audience easier. It is more like a one-on-one digital conversation and makes the brand look more responsible. Hearing the customer’s grievances and resolving them also has a certain word-of-mouth value. A happy customer will usually share his/her experience with people in his friends’ or family circle. Alternatively, the human side of the organization can help in building a stronger bond between the customer and the brand.

 Hence, SEO can be improved by using social live videos as users will automatically migrate to other social channels to find more information. Most brands rely on digital marketing agency for SEO service. And live video is one of the strategies used by these digital marketing companies to enhance brand SEO.


The more the number of live social videos created (YouTube and Facebook), the more the links you can embed to your blog post and social media pages. Brands usually update this link after the streaming is over to direct traffic to a particular landing page. Market researchers have found that people who see the video and come to a brand’s website usually click through 2, 3 pages per visit and stay up to 6 times longer than a visitor who doesn’t see any video.

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