Android telephones have added a totally new measurement to adolescent’s being a tease. This accompanies its very own hazard and downscale. Sexting has a place with one of them. Sexting alludes to the demonstration of sending suggestive pictures, recordings and content to somebody. At the point when grown-up do this sort of activity, it’s alright in light of the fact that it adds increasingly sentiment and love to grown-up relationship. In any case, for young people it’s a tremendous no-no! There are quantities of manners by which sexting misuse youngsters and tweens as well as. There are adequate rules are made to ensure minors. In spite of the risk and unsafe impacts of sexting, it is picking up prevalence quickly. Sending explicitly unequivocal messages or pictures to each other conveys in itself various dangers. Adolescents and tweens are absolutely ignorant of those dangers and threats at the same time.

Sexting Laws:

Many states are adopting laws to avoid risks and dangers related to sexting. Any adult who sends erotic images, videos or text messages to a person less than 18 years is subjected to the prosecution under the law of federal government. This may result in heavy fines and imprisonment. Sexting is growing very rapidly like an outbreak, especially in teens and tweens. Many states have passed the laws to reduce the harms of sexting for minors, the people under 18 years or even 17 years in some cases. 

Many states are enforcing legislation that includes penalties for minors, warnings, probation, and fines. According to New York Times, “Teenagers who are involved in sexting are in uncertain legal positions. However, in most states, teenagers near to age can do consensual sex.

Sexting almost equals to sharing child pornography.  It is further said that previously lover sends love letters and suggestive Polaroid to each other’s, but this is now transforming into digital form and gaining more hope than before. In past times, letters take time to deliver to their lovers, but now messages are delivered in the blink of the eye. More quickly the communication is more popular the sexting is. The more frequent connection between two young individuals provokes them towards sex and due to lack of sex education they got themselves into some big trouble.

A Ruined Future:

When teenagers got attracted to a crime like sexting, this follows them in many areas of their lives. This includes their social life, college life, sports, and even professional life; it follows like a shadow in every field of life. It will create hurdles for teenagers while looking for a job. This will also be a reason for complete damage of reputation of both victim and preceptor. It seems to be inventible in many especially when reported on media and gain attention of many peoples.

Nowadays large numbers of employers are taking past checks; they check the social media accounts to check the reputation of the applicant. It doesn’t matter from how well-reputed high school you are graduated from, being involved in sexting will disable you in every failed of life forever.


The crime of sexting will because you fine of thousands of dollars. As a teen, it’s difficult to arrange this much amount of money. The fine will raise more depending on the content of sext. So, it’s not only the teens and tween that will suffer, it will affect the entire family. The collection of such a huge amount of fine is not possible for young individuals so it’s the responsibility of adults to pay on behalf of them. Sometimes, things went so badly that because of sexting scandal of their teens, whole family relocates their places. Shifting to a different place also adds more financial burden on the family. It ends up in imprisonment also.

Sexting is the waste of time also. The time a teenager spends in doing sexting is usually prolonged because of the fake attraction this act has. When he spends a lot of time sexting, he will be left with very little time for studies and other social activities he has to play part in. when the move away from studies, this will result in bad grades. Bad grades mean a destroyed career.

Bullying and Embarrassment:

If the sexting goes viral, it will result in bullying and embarrassment to the e\teen and his whole family.

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