Do you ever think about business contract hire? What is the business contract hire?If you are a businessman and if you started your business just now or if you are an established Businessman then you should know about a business contract to hire for cars or Vans. The business contract is nothing but leasing a vehicle with agreements for a period to complete your business services and as well as your business meetings.  If you are an employee using your car for work purposes, you could use salary sacrifice to cover the cost of your car and maintenance charges.

Usually the time you can leave the Van or a Car in between 2 to 5 years. If you want to lease a van for months then also you can contact the high leasing services company. For a business, contract hire removes most of the risk of operating company cars or vans. There is a known, fixed monthly cost which makes budgeting straightforward which you can call as maintenance charges. This helps reduce the impact on cash-flow which can be invested elsewhere in the business or used for other purposes to grow your business. There are also a number of tax implications surrounding business car leasing which you can get re-payment for repairs.

Companies need to understand these to derive the maximum benefit from the agreement. The ultimate benefits of business contract hire are tax efficiency with corporation tax and VAT benefits, improved cash flow with minimal capital expenditure, optional breakdown and replacement vehicle cover. This new approach is going to break all the myth about leaving the vans, and now it is easy and safe to lease the vehicle. Leased cars are not considered to be assets, meaning your business’ balance sheet it will show an increased Return on Investment (ROI) which is one of the extreme benefits the process have. Take some time to determine how much your business vehicle will be driven (or ask the people who use cars for their business services). Car leasing terms include a limit on mileage, and you will have to pay more for the lease if you want additional miles covered by extending the benefits.


Van Leasing Company is one of the best and leading leasing companies in central Scotland. The team at Van leasing have the options to provide every type and range of the vehicle to examine and to give the best vehicle as per your need. We are on growing and fastest Business Contract hire service providers within the time in the UK. Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for van leasing in the UK. To be approved for a new van you need to be able to demonstrate a strong and well-established credit history. You may reach our company, and you can know all the details of the Business contract hire. We have an option in online to fill the application where we can check and tell you that you are eligible or not for the contract.

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