Dried thyme

In order to create attractive dishes, food processing ingredients play an important role. First of all, choose the spice most delicious and natural aromas that are the key to creating the typical flavour of each dish. When combining the spices and flavourings properly for each dish, you will create the charm of the food to the guests. Do you know what flavorings are necessarily in your kitchen? Discover right through this article!

  1. Dried thyme – flavourings from to Da Lat, Vietnam:

Thyme is a shrub with a height of about 30-70 cm growing into clumps. This is an upright or woody plant, thyme is branched and has fine hair. 

We use of thyme is the top of the musk tree, which contains flowers and leaves. People often buy dry thyme because it is easy and convenient to use and store. Thyme is the often added flavour end of the cooking process by high temperature will easily lose the delicate and attractive flavour of this natural aroma.

Thyme leaves are suitable for use with all types of barbecue, casserole, soup, marinated, … Very good with chips, mushrooms, carrots and omelet. Thyme leaves appear in most Western dishes.

  1. Dried rosemary – flavourings from to Da Lat, Vietnam

This is a natural flavouring that is suitable for spicy dishes. Especially grilled meats such as grilled pork, grilled chicken, grilled sheep, rabbit meat or salmon, potatoes, … The fragrance of rosemary leaves can remove the bad smell of lamb, goat meat, fishy smell of fish dishes so many people use dried rosemary to prepare food. When processing, we can marinate rosemary leaves with meat to help infuse the spices better and create the smell of food.

Rosemary has aroma with a pleasant and long-lasting. So you can also put some rosemary dry as the aromatic bag so that in the room or in the car will help relax, reduce stress and create a pleasant, pleasant space.

  1. Black pepper is a natural flavouring:

Black pepper has become the familiar spice of housewives. Black pepper is favoured by its pungent taste and its characteristic aroma. Thanks to the black pepper, the dishes become refreshingly delicious and delicious without no spice other can be replaced.

Black pepper is the result of the pepper tree. It is native to Kerala, the southern state of India. In the 17th century, black pepper appeared in Vietnam by the French. The rapid development of pepper has led Vietnam to become an exporter as well as the largest and largest pepper producer in the world.

  1. Green pepper – attractive natural flavouring for dishes:

Green pepper also is known as pepper, has the scientific name Piper Nigrum. A vine belonging to the family Piperaceae, grown mainly to get seeds for spices, can be used when still fresh and dried.

Green pepper is considered an attractive natural flavouring spice. Although it is a spice, pepper in general and green pepper, in particular, are effective in medicine, can be used as medicine. In Traditional Medicine, pepper is hot, stimulates digestion, warms the stomach, prevents vomiting. Some effects of typical green pepper can be mentioned as solving gum problems, increasing the absorption of nutrients, curing arthritis, improving the digestive status, stimulating appetite, support weight loss aid …

Green pepper can be processed with other materials into many attractive dishes such as a Beef stew with green pepper, steamed green pepper, green pepper, etc.

  1. Bird’s eye chilli:

Bird’s eye chilli Scientific name’s Capsicum annuum L. Peppers, also known as wild peppers or chilli peppers forest. In medicine, chilli is a medicine that supports digestion, helps appetite, easy to digest food, especially those with flatulence and biliary inflammation. Serve with vermicelli, noodles, grilled dishes, hotpot …

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